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If you plan to do a staycation in Singapore without even drowning your bank account, you are reading the right article. We will discuss cheap hotels in Singapore that will probably become your choices for this weekend to get a getaway with your friends or relatives. 

Whenever we talk about Singapore, one thing that comes into our mind is we thought everything about Singapore is expensive because its country seems like it will never take a break. There are always people with various businesses or reasons to come to this beautiful tiny country. However, even though it seems expensive, you are still able to go on a vacation in Singapore with a minimum budget of yours. You can reduce the costs of the budget from the accomodation place to stay, so you can use the rest of the money to walk around and explore Singapore’s fantastic and beautiful areas. 

Here are some cheap hotels in Singapore that you can use as references whenever you plan to go abroad or do a staycation here for a few days. Let’s take a look at these cheap hotel recommendations below! 

Ibis Budget Singapore Crystal

Ibis Budget is considered cheap hotels in Singapore, it is approved by society for staycation hotels. Located in Geylang, as one of the most favorite places in Singapore, Ibis Budget Singapore Crystal is very strategic if you prefer to stay in the location that will provide you with many food stalls around. 

As you know, if we choose to have a staycation on a budget, it is impossible to spend your money on an expensive restaurant, thus, you have to make sure that the hotel that you have chosen provides you with many variant street food or food stalls. This hotel might be one of your choices later on. 

Hotel Conforto

This hotel is considered a cheap hotel in Singapore, located in Clarke Quay. Starting from $99.00 for each room, this hotel is suitable for your staycation. The Facilities are decent with daily coffee and tea, so for affordable prices, this is so cool to go for affordable prices. It is also complete and can fulfill your needs due to your vacation time in Singapore. 

BEAT. Capsule Hostel @ Boat Quay

If you want to experience the minimalist staycation and back to nostalgia living in university’s dormitory, this place will bring back your college day memories. Located in Clarke Quay, with standard breakfast, this minimalist hotel will gather you with other guests, so who knows you will make new friends here while doing staycation.

Atlantis Pods @ Little India

Cheap hotels in Singapore does not mean cheap literally, you still can experience things like in this hotel. This capsule hotel will make you feel like a staycation inside the spaceship. Unlike the beat capsule hotel, the room in these Atlantis pods gives you privacy. But, it is nice to be a place for making content, because of its unique room.

Tai Hoe Hotel

Another cheap hotel in Singapore is Tai Hoe hotel. If you want to experience a traditional vibe staycation with an affordable budget, this hotel will give you that pleasure. Located in little India, you will enjoy your short trip by seeing a crowd and shops surrounded.

Cheap hotels in Singapore are mostly located in downtown Singapore. However, these kinds of cheap hotels might not be suitable if you bring family along for a staycation. These hotels might suit you as a solo traveler or backpacker, who finds a place only to sleep, not for other business. You can also find other cheap hotels in Singapore through Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp. 

Try to find hotels based in Geylang or Clarke Quay, which are famous for their affordable prices and great facilities. If you think this kind of hotel fits your needs, book your room now on Traveloka!

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