How to RV with Kids and Stay Sane!

How to RV with Kids and Stay Sane!

No annoying packing and unpacking, no hassle with the hotel staff, no waiting for transportation and you can take as many toys with you as you like. For many families, this sounds like the ideal vacation. The best thing about going on a family holiday with RVs is exactly this – you are incredibly flexible. A holiday in an RV is a great adventure for children. There is a lot to experience and together you can discover a completely new environment. But be sure you are well prepared!

Before you leave

Make lists of things each of you will personally need, as a whole group, and things that will be needed for only children and only adults. Double-check if you have the right equipment and if everything is in working order. If you have some gear that is prone to malfunction, bring and an extra piece or buy a new, long-lasting one. Make sure you got everything so you all have a stress-free vacation.

Also, before you pack up and go you need to find out all about your destination. You can research some travel blogs like Big Booty Fish, or for example, if you are going to a campsite, you should check is there a nice playground and exciting destinations for trips. A washing machine or changing table can also be important. 

Equipment for a baby or a small child

Find out more about campsites especially if they are suitable for small children. If you can, adjust the season and the destination to the needs of the child. It shouldn’t be too hot, but it shouldn’t be too cold either.

Make sure that the air-conditioner works. The temperature that is a little uncomfortable for an adult can be so much worse for a baby. A stroller is essential so that you can take walks with the whole family during breaks and at your destination. Fortunately, the RV offers enough space to transport it.

Make sure that your baby is transported safely in the RV. This means you have to make sure that a three-point belt is available to attach the baby seat. If there is only a lap belt, you have to get a special child seat for it.

While driving

Regular breaks are important, especially with small children. Allow yourself enough time to stretch your legs from time to time. If your children can sleep well in the car, night drives are an option. Think of small snacks and games to prevent boredom. (Audio) books and games on the tablet or smartphone are suitable during long journeys, so bring them! In the RV, children can use the table in the dining area for painting or arts and crafts.

And what is especially important – take your time. This is no problem when traveling in the RV. With enough breaks and a nice route, the journey is not exhausting but is part of the vacation. So take it easy and enjoy your vacation with the whole family.

Game tips for on the go

Guessing games like taboo can easily be modified for journeys. Word games like “I packed my bag” are suitable for children from preschool age. Movement games are suitable for the little ones: For example, you can shout “Duck down!” at every bridge. If you forget to duck, you have to sing a song. Or you can invent a story together, each of which one sentence at a time. For older children, the level of difficulty can be increased by writing the story in rhyme.

The great thing about RVs is that you can use the table in the sitting area for games. Most board games are available in a practical travel format these days. These versions are non-slip and always fit easily in your luggage due to their compact size. Card games like Mau-Mau, Quartets or UNO are always welcome along the way. Also, coloring or puzzle books are not only fun but also convey one or two exciting topics. So the family can record the colorful holiday landscape together on paper or review the impressions of the museum visit.

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