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How to Say “I Love You” in Arabic: 5 Heartfelt Phrases Styles

how to say I love you in Arabic

Arabic is a beautiful language, especially when you want to express affection. You’ve come to the right place if you’re curious about how to say “I love you” in Arabic.

In this blog post, I’ll tell you about Arabic love phrases that can help you express affection. You can pick any of these phrases that feel just right for you.

Arabic PhrasePronunciationEnglish Translation
أنا أحبكana uhibbukI love you
بحبكbahibakI love you (informal)
أنا بحبك كتيرana bahibak kteerI love you very much
أنتَ حبيبي/ حبيبتيanta habibi / anta habibtiYou are my beloved
أنت مهم ليanta muhim liYou are important to me
أنت عمريanta omriYou are my life
“I Love You” meaning in Arabic

Each of these phrases shows love. They’re great for telling someone special how you feel about them.

How to Say “I Love You” in Arabic: Classic Love Style

The most common and straightforward meaning of “I love you” in Arabic is:

  • Ana uhibbuka (to a male) أنا أحبك
  • Ana uhibbuki (to a female) أنا أحبك

These phrases use the verb “hubb” (حب), which means “to love.” You can also use “Ana bahibbak” (to a male) or “Ana bahibbik” (to a female), which is less formal.

Another simple way to declare love is:

  • Enta habibi (to a male) انت حبيبي
  • Enti habibti (to a female) انت حبيبتي

Meaning “You are my love,” these expressions use “habibi” (male) or “habibti” (female), which come from the word “habib” (حبيب) meaning “beloved.”

How to Say “I Love You” in Arabic Poetic Style

There are lots of beautiful love poetry and so many lovely ways to say how you feel.

  • Ya rouhi (يا روحي) – “My soul”
  • Ya hayati (يا حياتي) – “My life”
  • Ya albi (يا قلبي) – “My heart”
  • Ya omri (يا عمري) – “My life”
  • Ya amar (يا قمر) – “My moon”

These loving phrases make your special person feel extra important. Calling someone your soul, life, or heart shows they’re a part of you.

How to Say “I Love You” in Arabic in Cute and Sweet Style

For a more playful way to show love, try:

  • Enta asal (to a male) انت عسل
  • Enti asal (to a female) انت عسل

Meaning “You are honey,” this sweet nothing compares your loved one to something delightfully sweet. You can also say “kalam asal ala albi” (كلام عسل على قلبي), meaning “Your words are honey on my heart.”

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Meaning Of “I Love You” in Arabic Through Actions

In these cultures, love is not just about saying nice words; it’s about doing things that show you care. Helping out, spending time together, and doing kind things are important.

When someone says “على راسي (Ala Raasi),” it means they’re ready to do anything for you. It’s like saying, “I’ll go out of my way for you because I care about you much.”

Some Other Arabic Love Expressing Phrases

Here are more phrases expressing love and affection:

  • قلبي معك – My heart is with you.
  • أنتِ نجمة حياتي – You are the star of my life (used for a female).
  • أنت عمري وروحي – You are my life and soul.
  • أنا مش بستغنى عنك – I can’t do without you.
  • أنتِ حلمي الذي تحقق – You are my dream come true (used for a female).
  • كل لحظة معك تعني لي الكثير – Every moment with you means a lot to me


Arabic is a language of affection, and these phrases can guide you to say I Love You in different styles. Every style is unique to show love and affection to your loved ones. For more informative blogs, stay updated with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Arabic Meaning of “I love you”?

Answer: The phrase “I love you” is “أنا أحبك” (pronounced: ana uhibbuk).

What is a romantic way to say “I love you” in Arabic?

Answer: A romantic way to say “I love you” is “أنتَ حبيبي/حبيبتي” (pronounced: anta habibi/anti habibti), which means “You are my beloved.”

Are there different ways to express love?

Answer: Yes, apart from “أنا أحبك,” you can say “بحبك” (pronounced: bahibak) for a more informal expression of love or “أنت مهم لي” (pronounced: anta muhim li) to convey “You are important to me.”

How do you say “I love you” in a cute way in Arabic?

Answer: You can say “أنا بحبك كتير” (pronounced: ana bahibak kteer) to express “I love you very much” cutely and affectionately.

What are some phrases for expressing affection in Arabic?

Answer: Besides “أنا أحبك,” other phrases include “أنت عمري” (pronounced: anta omri) meaning “You are my life” and “أنتِ نجمة حياتي” (pronounced: anti nujoomi hayati) translating to “You are the star of my life.”

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