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How to Send Money to an Inmate

About 600,000 people are sent to jail in the US every year. The numbers are just another statistic until you have a loved one in jail. Having a loved one lose their freedom is painful, but you can’t compare it to the hell they go through in prison.

However, you can make their journey easier. Regular visits and financial support go a long way in keeping the inmate’s hopes alive. But how do you send money to an inmate?

There are a lot of restrictions and rules that come with being in jail. Join us as we break down how you can send money to a loved one in prison.

Send Money Through US Mail

You can deposit money to a loved one in jail through the national lockbox. Some people mail money orders, government checks, or a US treasury state.

Visit your local post office to buy a money order. When using the mail, you must get the address right.

Use the inmate’s name as it appears in their official documents and their 8-digit registration number. To avoid mixing up the details, search here for accurate ones.

The mail is the slowest way to send money to an inmate as it takes 14 days to clear. However, it’s the least expensive since there are no transaction costs.

It isn’t wise to send personal checks or cash. There are chances that your loved one in prison won’t receive it. Besides, it is against the federal laws for inmates to have cash.

If you have foreign currency, you’ll need to convert it to US currency before purchasing any instruments. Contact the mail service if your loved one doesn’t receive funds in two weeks. They’ll help you track and re-order it.

Deposit Money Via Western Union

Western union charges varying transaction costs for various amounts. You can visit a western union agent and complete a form or buy one through the telephone.

Some people prefer western union because they have an inmate page. All you have to do is deposit money in the prisoner’s account.

Your loved ones’ account number is their prison registration number, followed by their last name in all caps. Remember to leave no spaces between the two.

Besides, you’ll need to provide the city and state code. The balance will reflect in their prison trust fund. Thus, they can get products from the prison commissary.

Send Money Through MoneyGram

MoneyGram has an express payment program that enables you to deposit money into an inmate’s account. Some people prefer this method as you can transfer funds online.

You’ll need to outline the company name, city and state, receive code, beneficiary name, and account number. Only send money after the inmate is in custody.

Send Money to an Inmate

We have identified how you can send money to an inmate in three ways. All of which demand that you get their details right. Look for the address in the necessary channels.

Note that you can only deposit money in a trust fund that they’ll use to buy products from the prison commissary. So avoid sending cash to your loved one in prison.

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