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How to Steam Clean Carpet?

How to Steam Clean Carpet?

Steam cleaning carpets is a great way to remove stains and to disinfect it at the same time. Steam cleaning carpet is a great way practice to remove dirt and debris stuck deep in carpet fibres.

Steam cleaning does not requires professional equipments. It also does not have the toxic risks associated with the dry chemicals carpet cleaning.

Steam cleaning carpets is a water based method of cleaning carpets from dry chemicals compound method used by professionals. Steam can kill fleas, bedbugs, mold spores and germs. It will keep your carpet refreshed, safe for kids and pets and it will keep it as clean as new.

Steam cleaning requires a steam cleaning machine, soap and water only. You will need these things to Steam Clean your carpet.

After a tough and busy summer, many of us wants to Steam Clean Carpet in order to remove stains, reduce dirt and remove odours before that the holidays bring guest to their homes.

Many of us wants to do it, but we were not able of doing it because we don’t know that how to do it. Now you need not to worry about that because in this article I am going to explain you how you can steam clean carpets.

This process is very easy, you need not to get a professional carpet cleaning service. You can do it yourself and I’m going to show you how you can do it in this simple and easy step by step guide.

Procedure to Steam Clean Carpet. 

Carpets are not that heavily soiled they can be easily sanitized and cleaned at home just with help of a steam cleaner.

Follow the given instructions to Steam Clean a carpet your self at home:

1.Free up Space

Firstly,  you need to free up space. You need to all the furniture, toys any other kind of things present on the carpet. Having a lot of clutter and stuff on the carpet may slow down the entire process.

Some furniture may be heavy to move on the carpets. If you have such furniture then use flex tape to tape up it legs. It will protect the furniture from the steam. If you don’t have flex tape you can also use aluminium foil to deter moisture.

Try to move all the furniture and other items in one end of the room so you can steam clean your carpet easily.

  1. Vacuuming the Carpet.

You need to vacuum the entire carpet twice because a carpet steam cleaning machine is capable of dealing with stains and to restore the carpet fibre, but it is not capable of removing solid dirt particles and dust particles present deep in the carpet fibres.  You will need to vacuum your carpet before steam cleaning to remove hair, dust particles,  crumbs and any other sort of dirt particles.

Firstly you will run the vacuum in one direction only. Keep in Mind to do it as slow to pick as much dust particles as possible.

Secondly you will run the vacuum in the opposite direction. Keep in mind to be thorough enough to pick up large debris and some parasites such as bed bugs etc.

  1. Spot Stains.

Spot Stains on Carpets such as food and juice spills on carpets make it look really dirty.  Pet messes also leave unsightly dirty spots on your carpet.

Your vacuuming and steam cleaning actions cannot get rid of these stains on your own.

Blot a piece of cloth with a carpet stain remover. Dab the spot aonthat it soaks in the stain treatment solution easily. Let it sit, for a few minutes, before you start steam cleaning the carpet.

  1. Prepare your Steam Cleaning Machine.

Firstly, you will remove the water tank of your steam cleaner if it is detachable. Fill the water tank with distilled water using a measuring cup as per manufacturer’s guide.

Check the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning solution in the tank, if not recommended then do not put any thing else in the tank except the water.

Attach the tank back to the machine and plug it in the power socket. Turn it on, leave it until the water is heated enough for steaming. 212°F is the recommended steaming temperature for killing the dust mites, bed bugs and fleas etc.

Some steam cleaners do have a detergent compartment, if yours doesn’t simply add it in the water in the tank.

  1. Run the Steam Cleaning Machine.

Once you have prepared your steam cleaner, now it’s time to Steam Clean your carpet. Run the Steam Cleaner on the carpet starting from one corner to the other. Make clean straight lines with each run.

Remember to overlap the previous line every time you start a new one, this will ensure that you will not miss any dirty spots.

  1. Let the Carpet dry.

you will need to let your carpet dry for 4 to 13 hours to get rid of all the moisture.

Keep in mind that drying your carpet is as important as cleaning your carpet.


In this article I have explained to you in detail that how to steam clean carpets.  I have provided you an easy and detailed step by step guide on steam cleaning carpets. By following this method you can easily steam clean your carpets at home.

Author: M Ehtesham Shafiq

A Passionate Content writer and Researcher. I love to write on different niches to explore and research new thinks with authentic information.

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