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How to Store Your Vinyl Collection?

How to Store Your Vinyl Collection

UK vinyl sales surpassed 1 million during the first three months of 2021, according to data from the Official Charts Company. If you’ve been one of the people across the country who has been growing their record collection, it’s important to look after them. There are lots of storage solutions out there, combining style and practicality.

Suitable System

When it comes to creating your vinyl record collection, you’ll need to assess how much space you’re working with. How much room is there? Also, if other people live with you, they might not want a shared room to be overwhelmed with your collection. You also need to figure out whether your records are going into long-term storage, or whether you want easy access to them. Be realistic with your storage space and then you can pick a system that works for you.


Storing your records is not just about how they look, it’s about protection. Improper storage can do a lot of damage. You can take action to protect your records. Each record needs an inner sleeve to keep its quality. Avoid paper if possible as this can scratch the surface. Pair this with an outer sleeve for double protection. Light, smooth, material is good to keep away dust. Investing in vinyl bags is worth it to preserve your particular favourites.

Record Shelves

So the records themselves are protected, now where are you going to put them? Here is a simple way of remembering one of the most important rules about record storage. Keep your vinyl vertical. Piling up your records will lead to warping. Shelves are a popular way to store records as it allows you to sort into sections, gives easy access, and works even in smaller spaces as you’ve got the opportunity to build up. Be sure to distribute the weight evenly.

Alternative Storage

With vinyl becoming increasingly popular, this means you’ve lots of record storage ideas to pick from. Whether you want to use a vinyl case, use your turntable as a storage unit, or even frame your favourite albums – you’ve got plenty of options. Your record collection is a chance for you to have fun, admire album artwork, and create a display you’re proud of. Keep your favourites close to hand, and consider cases for the long-haul.

Storing vinyl records is about practically protecting your records, but also gives you a chance to get creative. Do you have any tips for storing records?

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