How to Study English in Australia?

Studying and working in Australia is a great idea if you are looking for new experiences and an excellent excuse to travel alone and reconnect with yourself. But if you still haven’t decided which career to pursue, today we are going to tell you why studying English in Australia is your best alternative, so you can play it safe and dedicate yourself to enjoying yourself.

Australia is one of the favorite destinations to travel far and get the most out of everything it offers to young foreigners. From a gap year to quality university training. There we are starting well with the country of kangaroos. You want to know more? Get comfortable, there’s a lot to say!

Study English in Australia

Your adventurous spirit is restless and eager for new things. You have already decided that you are going to live abroad and try your luck, or you will start taking a course, to be tested. Excellent! Although there are several alternatives to choose from, since the countries with the best quality of life are numerous: Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, etc.

The choice is difficult, but to help you a bit, we are going to talk about Australia and why it is a great option.

Advantages of studying English in Australia

If you are wondering why this exotic island on the other side of the planet is a good choice, here we are going to clear that doubt from your head with these advantages of studying English in Australia that make it irresistible.

Quality education

Australian education system is one of the best in the world. Your learning is also assured, as it is one of the English-speaking countries with thousands of interesting spaces, in a matter of a short time you will be able to show off your perfect Australian English to your friends.

Study and work in Australia

You will be able to study and work without many complications. This is not something that happens in any country. With your Student Visa you will be able to study English in Australia and recover the investment with a part-time job, but we will talk about that later, so do not stop reading!

Open minded and tolerant people

You will find people who are open and tolerant of foreigners of any nationality, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion. Being so multicultural, you will meet people from many parts of the world and make new friends. Cities like Sydney and Melbourne are meccas for young adventure-hungry travelers.

Nature for all tastes

Do you love nature? Here you will find everything, from beaches to mountains and beautiful sunsets. It is a myth that in Australia it is always summer, in case you do not like the heat. There is something for everyone and don’t worry about the wild flora and fauna, which is another myth that they want to kill you, they usually don’t reach the big cities.

Enviable style and quality of life

The lifestyle is quite relaxed. Curious fact from Australia: people walk barefoot even on public roads or establishments, did you know? If picnics, barbecues and outdoor sports are your thing, this is your place. The quality of life in Australia is unquestionably one of the highest in the world and valued by the inhabitants of this planet.

English courses in Australia

Now that you know why Australia has such magnetism for adventurous spirits, who are also looking for something more than just traveling, we are going to talk about the types of English courses you can do, there are so you can choose according to your needs, preferences or style.

To study English in Australia, you have the following types of courses:

General English course

Its name already gives you an idea of what it consists of. It is the widest and covers the classic skills so that your learning is more complete: reading, writing, speaking and listening. You can take a placement test to see if you require a basic, intermediate or advanced course.

The perfect excuse to stay longer enjoying yourself until you finish studying English in Australia. Here are some good examples, which you can click on and find out more. Look at the following experiences! Click and cheer up for the adventure of your life.

Intensive English

Speed lover? Intensive courses usually last between two weeks and three months. The difference with a general course is that it won’t give you time to study and work in Australia.

Maybe you are on a tourist visa, but the important thing is that you took advantage of your stay in the land of the Tazmanian devil. In that case, since you are close, you could take a trip to New Zealand.

Business English

Maybe you are focusing more on your future work and apply practicality. Well thought! Business English is an excellent alternative in cases like this, as it is specially oriented towards improving your skills in the professional and work environment. For this reason, it is usually of a more advanced level. Business is Business.

English schools in Australia

If you’ve made it this far, it’s a good sign! It may mean that you want to know more. In return, we give you more! Did you know that in Australia there are more than 200 accredited English schools to choose from?

Now we will name some of the busiest to study your courses, in the busiest cities to practice it. In addition, in each one you can search for English schools in Australia via CatEight Course Finder, with which you can find schools that provde English language courses, view each course’s detailed info and apply for it online.


There are many things to do and see in Sydney. Imagine going to the beach after your classes. A goal. The advantages of studying English in Australia increase as you progress through the process. The most popular schools in Sydney are:

  • Ability English
  • Lonsdale institute
  • Navitas English


Did you know that Melbourne is one of the best cities in the world to live? Many opportunities, cultural festivals and bohemian neighborhoods, in short, it has everything. And, of course, here you can also find English schools:

  • South Australian College of English
  • AOI Institute
  • Discover English

Gold Coast

Another place chosen by young adventurers is one of the most important beaches in Asutralia: Gold Coast. Did you know that you can also become a surf instructor in this city?

The opportunities are abundant if, in addition to studying English in Australia, you want to learn and discover more things. The best known English schools here are:

  • Pacific English Study
  • Australis Institute of Technology and Education
  • BROWNS English Language School


Brisbane is another of Australia’s favorite destinations, as it is easy to see when you see the large number of tourists and migrants who arrive at this incredible Australian destination. It is the third most populous city in Australia.

The large number of opportunities, nightlife and affordable costs are just some of its virtues. The main schools to learn English are:

  • Impact English College
  • Navitas English
  • Australian Business School

Requirements, costs and steps to study English in Australia

You already know what alternatives you have to learn English, but something is missing, the most important thing. Now we are going to talk about the requirements you need, how much it would cost you and what steps to follow to study English in Australia, so that when you finish reading this article you have the necessary information to grab your bags and get on the first flight.

Requirements to study English in Australia

As the one who plans your trip, review this list and mark each requirement that you gather. Remember that organization is key to not perish along the way. We are not going to allow that! To study English in Australia, gather the following:

Be of age

It seems obvious, but if you want to study English in Australia, you must be of legal age. All the more so if you suddenly fall in love with the island and decide to stay and work. Now, if you are over 16, you have a chance if you are only going to take an English course.

Have a valid passport.

If you have not yet obtained your passport, it is better that you do so, it will help you not only to study English in Australia, but anywhere in the world. If you already have it, check that it is not expired or that it is not about to expire.

Enroll in the school where you are going to study English in Australia

That’s how it is. By presenting an acceptance letter from the school where you are going to study English in Australia, you will be able to take the next step, perhaps the most important of all: the visa.

Have the visa for Australia approved

To study English in Australia you will have three types of visa:

  • Tourist visa: in case you are going to do an intensive course of less than 3 months, which is how long this type of visa lasts.
  • Student Visa Australia: If you want to stay longer, with this visa you can extend your stay up to 5 years, work part-time legally and do another degree, such as VET courses for example.
  • Work and Holiday visa: for 12 months you can study and work in Australia, or just work full time. However, what is best for you to study English in Australia is the student visa.

International health insurance

It is a requirement to have international medical insurance that covers your needs in case you get sick or have an accident surfing in Sydney or boxing with a kangaroo (Don’t even try!). Remember that it is a mandatory requirement to be able to set foot on Aussie land.

GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant)

A letter? Yes, we could say that it is a love letter for Australia, where you have to explain what your intentions are towards it. But be careful and do not go too far with courtship, you have to be more objective and state your motives and objectives as a student.

Economic statement

It will also be necessary to show that you can survive during your stay in Australia. You can prove it with a credit card or enough cash to cover your daily needs and the expenses of your English course.

Costs to study English in Australia

Studying English in Australia can cost you between A$200 and 300. This, of course, varies according to some details that you must take into account such as the type of course, the school and the city you choose.

You must also include in your budget other expenses of the trip and stay. We are talking, in principle, about the price of air tickets and the visa. Did you know that there are tricks to get cheap flights to Australia? You can also review some good tips to learn how to save for travel.

Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Perth are the main cities to study English in Australia and each one has its own characteristics. Click on them to find out the cost of living and other useful information so that you can decide on one, you already know that they are all magnificent!

Steps to study English in Australia

We recognize that it is a lot of information, but it is really worth taking that trip, it will change your life! But so that it is not just in words, we are going to leave you the steps to follow to study English in Australia so that you know where to start and do not make a mess in your head.

  • Gather the requirements and have them all on hand.
  • Choose your city in Australia. Difficult decision! But whichever you choose is going to be more than fine. Once this is resolved, you get hooked on the next step.
  • Choose your school and the type of course you want to do and enroll. Submitting proof of registration for the course will allow you to start managing your visa.
  • Process your visa for Australia. It is very important. There are many types, but as we told you above, the student visa is the most suitable, although if you are going to be on a course of less than three months, then choose the tourist visa.
  • Acquire your international medical insurance. You already know that this is also another requirement to study English in Australia. After your visa is approved, don’t forget this step.
  • Buy your plane ticket and pack your bags! The “worst” is over and now it’s time to play Tetris so that everything fits in your suitcase. Optimize the space and try to take only the essentials, the rest you can buy there. Shopping in Australia! Contain your envy.

Has this info helped you? We hope so, and even better, that you put everything into practice to go study English in Australia, a more than exotic country, open to anyone who wants to conquer the world.

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