How To Successfully Do Box Braids At Home

Choosing a hairstyle is difficult. You’ll probably spend ages looking at celebrities and what style they have. But, after you have studied them for hours you’ll realize that you need a hairstyle that suits your style and your personality. That may be very different from the one your favourite celebrity adopts.

One style that is returning to fashion and is great at protecting your hair while making you look great, is the box braid. Here’s how you do it.

What Is The Box Braid?

In essence, box braids involve making three plaits and then separating each of them into square sections. These sections are then braided separately to create a stylish look. You will then be able to style your braids in a variety of manners, including how you normally style your hair.

You should note that box braids can damage your hair if done incorrectly to left in for too long.

Prepare First

The first step to successfully doing box braids is to prepare your hair. You’ll need to choose quality hair care products from the Redken range. Make sure you choose ones that match your hair type.

You’ll need to shampoo your hair and deep condition it. You’ll also want to ensure there are no tangles in your hair before you start. Your hair can stay in box braids for as much as two months and, even though you will wash it, it’s impossible to remove all the dirt that accumulates. That’s why it needs to be cleaned before you start. You will need to dry your hair before you can start braiding.

Hydrate Your hair

You should already have a product you like to use after washing to help keep your hair hydrated. Add this generously to your hair and put a little heat protection oil in as well.

Separate Your hair

As mentioned, box braids involve your hair being separated into sections. The smaller sections are the size of your braids, allowing you to control whether they are large or small.

It’s a good idea to use a comb to separate the sections as this keeps the sections clean and tidy.

The Braiding Process

This is the best part and surprisingly simple. Take some braiding hair and place it on top of a section of your hair and then start a standard three-strand braid. The three parts are braiding hair, your hair, and braiding hair again.

As you reach the end of your hair feed it back into the braiding hair and use a paste to keep everything together. You can then repeat this pattern on the other sections of your hair. Remember, the smoother your hair the longer the braids will be.

Once you have done all of your hair you can seal the ends with hot water to stop the braids from coming undone. That’s it.

Of course, you need to take care of your box braids, specifically, it’s a good idea to use a satin or silk pillowcase to protect them overnight.

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