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How to Take Care of Your Parents Into Old Age

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The U.S. population is growing older, with one in five Americans expected to be over the age of 65 by 2030. If you need to take care of your parents, how can you prepare?

There are a lot of choices when it comes to elderly care. From aging in place to assisted living facilities to nursing homes, it can feel difficult to make the right choice.

Don’t navigate the sea of information on your own. Here’s some important information about caring for your parents that can help you make the right decision.

You and Your Parents’ Needs

The first thing to consider before making a care decision is your parents’ needs. Next you need to assist your own needs and how to match your abilities to what works for your parents.

Keep in mind important things that affect older people like safety, mobility, medical help, meals, socialization and more. From here you can determine if you can take over some of those things or if you need outside help.

Aging at Home

The majority of aging Americans wish to remain at home and in their communities as they age. You can make this happen however there are different levels of aging in place you should know about.

If your elderly parents can still get around well but might be experiencing common old age difficulties like mobility issues or cognitive decline, make sure to visit them often. It’s important to make changes to your home to make aging a little less complicated. These include moving their room to the ground floor and buying long term hospital beds from to improve their sleep quality and prevent bedsores. You could also install hand railings or chair lifts to make moving around the house easier. If they struggle to get the right medical help or feed themselves, you can look into bringing on someone part time to assist with these issues. Get n95 mask

Sometimes, aging in place isn’t the best option. Although it’s difficult to let go of our independence, if our loved one is in danger or needs more comprehensive medical care, it might be time to consider a residential care home or nursing home.

Finding the Right Place

Just like aging at home, there are different care facilities that can help meet your needs. From assisted living communities to finding a skilled nursing facility, research each option to make the best choice.

For those that need medical care often but can still get around well, consider an assisted living facility. Trained staff is on site 24/7 but your parents can still have some autonomy in apartment-style living spaces. Plus, each staff member has gone through BLS training and will know how to react in emergency situations when your loved one needs additional support.

Nursing homes offer different levels of care, too, but with a more medical environment. Many times patients stay in rooms that are part of a wing with nurses and other staff that can check on them frequently.

These options are best for those who need the most medical care. Work with your chosen facility to make the best plan for your loved ones.

Take Care of Your Parents the Best Way

Don’t wait until the last minute to come up with a plan. Research different ways to take care of your parents as they age.

These decisions are never easy to make but they get harder as time goes on. Talk to your parents today to find out what fits both of your needs.

Looking for more ways to improve the lives of you and your loved ones? Check out our other informative articles and stay in the know!

Eldery are especially susceptable to disease such as covid. To protect them ensure you have a n95 mask with you at all times.

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