How To Tell If Your CBD Is Legit.

The CBD industry has seen substantial growth in recent years. This popularity of CBD comes with claims of positive results. Still, without proper scientific research to validate the claims, one might need to tread cautiously when purchasing a CBD product. Being cautious is important not only to ensure your purchasing a quality product but also for safety reasons. That said, if you are looking to opt for a CBD product, here are a few tips to tell if your CBD is legit.

The need to look out for fake CBD products.

Manufacturers have warned for years about the presence of fake CBD products in the market. It’s a hot product, so make no mistake, the market is saturated with products that pose health risks. During a 2017 case in Utah, over fifty people were reportedly taken to the hospital for consuming CBD products. The toxicology report showed that the products they consumed were made from synthetic cannabinoids, which can be poisonous.

During the COVID outbreak, with the stay-at-home policy, many companies were advertising CBD oil with claims of curing the virus. Fake CBD products go beyond bad ingredients. It gets even more sinister when counterfeiters package their products using similar designs to legitimate CBD products. If you’re looking to purchase quality products, it’s vital to purchase products similar to OTO CBD directly from the company’s website.

Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Whether you want to opt for CBD to relieve pain or manage anxiety, a COA is one of the things to look out for. It essentially forms a basis for quality control, which helps buyers confirm the CBD product they purchase contains what the manufacturer claims. Bear in mind that COA should not come from the manufacturer of CBD. It should come from a third-party company to ensure that the information you need is not biased.

A typical certificate of analysis will contain a section that lists the constituent of CBD in the product, e.g., if THC is present or other cannabis plant constituents. Some sections tell the minimum amount of contaminant, e.g., microbes, heavy metals, pesticides, etc., that may be in the product. Reputable CBD companies never hide the ingredients in their products. Also, note that some companies only show THC tests, ensuring compliance with the law but do not have information for contaminants, pesticides, and heavy metals tests.

A legit CBD from a legit company will have a QR code.

Using QR codes is one-way companies help consumers authenticate their products and grant access to relevant information. You can scan the QR code with a smartphone camera, which will link you to the manufacturer’s website. This way, consumers can check lab reports/COA. QR codes are a must, and they are not expensive.

Organic certification.

This next tip is important only if the product claims to be certified organic. Look out for the certified organic seal, which indicates that the product is free of contaminants at levels that can harm your health. A CBD product from a legit company should have it.

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