How to Throw Your Own Birthday Party

How to Throw Your Own Birthday Party

Planning your own birthday party is a way you can ensure you celebrate your day exactly to your taste. With full control on the guest list, the theme and décor and the food, you can plan a party that will make your birthday celebration one to remember.

Planning your own party can sometimes be a little stressful, so here is a step-by-step guide to help enjoy your celebration as much as possible:

Figuring Out the Details

The first useful step would be to make a list of the guests you would want to attend. Once the guest list is sorted, it will be easier to consider what kind of venue you will need as well as other important details. Try to figure out early on if you want to implement a theme for your party, as a lot of party details may be based around that. Having a theme is as easy way liven things up and quick way to break the ice. A theme could also influence your choice of food. For example, if you were to throw a Mexican themed party, you may like to serve tacos, fajitas, and empanadas!

Inviting Guests

One of the most important steps in party planning is choosing your invites and inviting you guests. Make sure to send out invites at least 3-4 weeks before your party, this will give enough time for people to RSPV; people might not be able to come if they are given short notice!

Setting Up the Party

To be well prepared for your party, try to obtain everything you need in advance. Make a list as you go of things you may need. This could include number balloons and party decorations, as well as party essentials like napkins, cups and of course, cake! Now, this is a vital concern. You may choose to bake your cake or order birthday cake online to save yourself from the kitchen hassle. Inform the bakery about your taste, preferences, size and expectations. If your party is themed, you may need to find some specific decorations to help the venue come to life.


Don’t forget to prepare a playlist of all your favourite songs! But remember, you want your guests to enjoy the party too, so try to think of music they may also enjoy to ensure everybody has fun. Again, if the party is themed, you may want to consider including some theme-relevant tracks to bring everything together!


To avoid any stress on your big day, aim to decorate for your party the day before. This way, you can take all the time you need to make the venue exactly how you envisioned and on the day of the party, you can relax knowing all the time-consuming tasks are dealt with and you can focus on enjoying your birthday party!

Following this guide will ensure that you put together the best possible event to celebrate your birthday. Being organised with the arrangements will minimise your stress closer to the time and you can focus entirely on the most important thing…having fun!

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