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How to Track Fleet Vehicles

Did you know that there are around 250 million vehicles in the United States? That’s even more than China.

If you run a business that has a fleet, you might find yourself worried on a regular basis. Without the right technology, it can be difficult if not impossible to stay informed of fleet driver behavior. The last thing you’d want is to find out about an accident before it’s too late to do anything, for instance.

Are you wondering what the best method is? Keep reading to learn how to track fleet vehicles.

Job Perfect

It’s worth emphasizing that Job Perfect’s software does more than just fleet tracking. It can help your entire business function and grow in a manageable way.

The fleet-tracking aspect allows you to get updates every minute. You can do this with hard-wired tracking or a plug-in-and-go method.

Aside from real-time information, it’s also important to have records. You’ll be glad to know that it’s possible to save records for as long as seven years. Anytime you want a specific piece of information, you can get it on-demand until it expires.

You can bet that your drivers will be much more careful when you’ve invested in GPS for fleets. Be sure to check out Job Perfect and learn more about what it can do for your business.

GPS Trackit

GPS Trackit is a device that’s both easy to install and simple to use. You can put one on each of the vehicles in your fleet and take them off later on if need be. The fleet management data you get is sent in real-time, making it guaranteed to be accurate.

A mobile app can ensure that you’re kept informed of your entire fleet at all times. As if that wasn’t enough, the device also comes with asset protection and management. Not only is the month-to-month price low but there are no obligatory contracts involved.

While this is an affordable option for businesses that have a small fleet, it’s often not the best for larger fleets. If you plan on expanding at a fast rate, then you should probably go with another solution.

Before choosing any particular live tracking for fleets option, it’s worth doing research and seeing what other customers have to say about it. Some companies even offer demos or other trials that can allow you to make the best decision possible.

Now You Know How to Track Fleet Vehicles

Now that you’ve learned how to track fleet vehicles, you can always have peace of mind. If something goes wrong, you’ll be the first to know and can act with speed and efficiency.

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