How to Use a Metal Detector?

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What is a metal detector?

The miners from thousands of years have followed metal detecting. The metal detecting process includes finding metallic items, including jewelry, Gold, or silver, from underground and then selling them as a business to earn money. But now that metal detecting has become easier, you can even get the best metal detector for Gold to mainly focus on mining gold. This means you can use various metal detectors to find metals present under the ground without any hazel. These metal detectors work by sending specific frequency signals in the land, and if there is any metallic object nearer to the detector, it will catch feedback. You can get different sounds for various metallic items to better understand what metal is buried there. 

What is a metal detector used for?

A typical metal detector contains a control box, shaft, and search coil. The control box is said to be the brain of the detector as it contains a speaker, batteries, and microprocessor, which controls all the activities of a typical metal detector. There are various uses of a Tilswall metal detector from which most common are given below: 

  1. Many food source companies use metal detectors to confirm any metal contamination in the food. 
  2. The metal detectors used for mining should be compact so you can use them anywhere without any space restriction. 
  3. There are various types of handheld detectors containing a disk with an accurate shaft angle so you can hold it parallel to the ground. These types of metal detectors are used most commonly on the beach. 
  4. You can even buy the best metal detectors for Gold used typically for mining gold. People use these metal detectors to produce a wealth of income. 
  5. As different schools, airports, or government buildings get tougher, metal detectors have become part of security procedures. 
  6. Various walk-over or handheld models of metal detectors are used to find dangerous items, including handguns or knives in airports. 

How to use a Tilswall metal detector? 

It is really easy to use a metal detector in which you have to follow a few simple steps to get accurate results. Focus on the points explained just below:

If you are on a hunt, walk in a straight line while keeping the detector off the ground. Make sure to swipe the detector left to right while walking. Once you have covered the desired distance, turn around and keep repeating to confirm that you haven’t missed any opportunity. 

As soon as you get signals, start moving your detectors in circular motions. If there is any trouble finding the accurate place, you can increase the sensitivity. When you find the exact place, use a towel or edge digger and cut the place in a horseshoe shape. If necessary, you can dig a bit deeper but don’t go too deep. Place the towel just next to the hole you dig and make sure it has some dirt on it. This will help you to prevent the piles of dirt left around the hunting site. 

Things to look in a metal detector: 

You can get the best metal detector of Gold, jewelry, coin, or any other metal, but don’t forget to keep a few things in your mind. 

  • Detection mode: 

Nowadays, metal detectors have a pre-configured setting that helps you to detect which type of metal is present under the ground. The most common recurring mode of these metal detectors includes jewelry, coins, or relics. 

  • Discrimination: 

When you are out to buy the best metal detector, make sure to distinguish your primary target. This will help you to filter the exact thing you are searching for. So rather than digging the garbage items, you can see exactly what you want. 

  • Sensitivity:

Sensitivity is one of the important features. The latest metal detectors have high sensitivity, which means they can easily detect treasure present under the soil of high mineralization. These types of metal detectors help detect those items buried under the ground for so long. 

  • Coil size:

The metal detector’s coil directly depends on the treasure ground; this means a large coil will help you detect deeper. A typical medium-sized coil is 7 to 9 inches in size, so if you want to dig deeper, you have to focus on the size of the coil. 

Best Tilswall metal detector: 

It is tough to decide which metal detector will be perfect when you are out in the market. So to help you out, we have done proper research, and here is the best metal detector from Tilswall:

Waterproof metal detector for kids & Adults

With the help of this best Tilswall waterproof metal detector, you can detect Gold, silver, brass, coin, or steel easily. You can even compare these metal detectors with the professionals as it has the best features. The 3.5mm audio jack will let you connect your headphones to get better signals. 

  • It can detect up to 18cm. 
  • You can even use it underwater. 
  • Light in weight. 
  • Intuitive LCD 
  • It can easily distinguish various metals. 


Metal detectors are used to find precious items buried under the ground. Many peoples search it to get money by selling these metals like gold, silver, coins, etc. Tilswall is the best metal detector seller with the best features that will help you find metals deeper in the ground easily. 

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