How you can moisturize and scent your beard with beard oil

How you can moisturize and scent your beard with beard oil

Most men choose not to style their beard but using a product for the beard is not just styling, it’s a treatment to maintain your skin and hair healthy. However, if you have never used it before, you might not be able to know its use or how it is used.

You can have beard oil that is essentially used as a moisturizer to keep your hair soft and the skin beneath hydrated. Several people have discovered that beard oil makes it easier to manage their beard, mainly as it gets longer. Therefore, this post will break down how you can properly use beard oil and what it does.

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There is no need for you to panic, applying beard oil is simple. All you require is a comb, and if you happen to have a short beard you can simply do it with your hand.

You can find these combs on the market specifically made for beards, and most men like to clean their beards with wooden combs. And, any kind of a comb that has a narrow and wide section can do.

Most Billy Jealousy Beard Oil containers come with a lid that lets you apply one drop at a time. If your beard oil doesn’t come with this kind of container or perhaps, you are using homemade beard oil, you will need a container with an eyedropper for easy application.

When to apply beard oil

The best time to rub on beard oil is after cleaning your face or taking a warm bath when your beard and face are fresh. Before rubbing on the oil, dry your beard with a towel so that it’s moist but not wet.

You likely don’t need to put on beard oil on a daily basis. You can start by using it every other day randomly, and regulate as needed. If you are living in a dry air area or have a longer beard you may need to use it frequently.

How to use beard oil

There should be particular directives on the back of the bottle. However, here are some of the instructions on how beard oil is normally applied.

Pour two to three droplets of beard oil in your hand and rub your palms together to spread the oil around your fingers and palms. You may require more oil later, but it is better to begin with a small dose so that you should not make your beard too oily.

Rub your fingers and palms across the beard on both your cheeks and chin. Then, rub your palms down the front of your face so that it covers your chin and mustache. Next, go over your mustache once again with your fingertips. Evenly dispense the bead oil by running a comb through your bead. Comb your beard thoroughly both with and against the growth of your beard. You can add more oil if you feel like you haven’t used enough. Mostly, men with dry or long beards are likely to use more oil. Finally, go over your hair back into place and clean it as you like.


Thus, we can conclude by saying that a beard requires as much care as our skin. And to do it in the best possible manner, it is necessary to use products like beard oil etc. to nurture it properly. One of the best ways to get good quality beard care products is to reach out to the best site like Numan where the health professionals recommended products and their guidance is readily available.

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