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How You Would Rather Design Your Full Bath

How You Would Rather Design Your Full Bath

A full bathroom combines a sink, toilet, shower, and or bathtub into one room. Packing so much function, it’s only understandable that a big space is allotted for a full bathroom, which is commonly situated in a house’s master bedroom. To ensure utmost comfort and function in your full bath, you want to have its complete elements as well as their recommended sizes and measurements:


As a general rule of thumb, a minimum length of 42 inches or 107 centimeters must be dedicated for shower space. The grab bar of the shower door must be 36 inches or 91 centimeters, while the shower switches are 50 inches or 127 centimeters above the ground, at most. Ideally, the ceiling in the shower area should be 229 centimeters high.

The showerhead must be placed at a height depending on the average height of the household members, keeping in mind that it should be at least 20 inches apart from the tallest member’s head. By standard, it is placed at 80 inches or 203 centimeters off the ground. But if your family is on the taller side, you can raise it a couple of inches above.

If you’re on the shorter side of the spectrum, you can set the showerhead on the minimum 72-inch or 183-centimeter level. Still, if you have growing kids, a shower head with a bar on which you can adjust the shower head’s height is a wise choice.

If you desire to add a seating provision, make sure that it is approximately 15 inches or 38 centimeters tall. The shower space, in turn, shall be stretched to 54 inches or 137 centimeters. Shelves for bathing products like soaps and shampoo must be raised 130 centimeters, while a towel rack must be 190 centimeters off the ground.


Your vanity is essential for when you check the cleanliness of your teeth during and after brushing and your face just before you head out of the house. And so, it’s important to install a big enough and easy-to-clean mirror made of well-treated glass. While the central lighting of your full bath could suffice, having wall sconces on both sides of your vanity mirror could help project light onto and give a better view of your face aside from the small window that also helps ventilate the often-moist room. A good vanity has both a big mirror and plenty of storage for all your bathroom supplies. A vanity is also a way of organizing the bathroom and even hiding things like toothpaste and toothbrushes, hand soap, make-up, and so on. Without proper storage, the bathroom counter just stacks up with a variety of things and it can be unsightly to see all this stuff out and piled up around the counter space. For some great ideas take a look at these popular vanities available. Take your time to find the best one. Everyone has different needs and there is a vanity for every bathroom.

Adding wall sconces beside your vanity mirror is optional. If you want them, make sure it is placed at eye level or between 60 to 72 inches from the ground. To provide optimal lighting, they must be situated 40 inches apart from each other at most.

The towel hanger beside the vanity must be placed four feet above the ground. To not restrict movement, there must be a 30-inch clearance in front of the sink. The same rule applies to the toilet bowl and bathtub.


Ideally, your toilet bowl must be 18 inches tall for the most ergonomic seating. If you plan to place your toilet bowl on the corner of your bath, make sure to keep it at a good 16-inch distance from the wall. Place the toilet paper holder a foot away from the toilet at most and 26 inches off the ground.

Other Bathroom Design Rules

Now that you’ve got the measurements noted, consider the following minute details that will, otherwise, determine the overall functionality and convenience your bathroom could offer:

Who and How Many Will Use It

If you’re building a bath for your or you and your partner’s exclusive use, you can settle for a shower stall. Still, you could have a tub installed, depending on your preference. Also, the more people using your bathroom, the more storage you should provide.


As much as possible, your bathroom should have at least one window for natural light to enter, which can provide a good ambiance for when you relax and unwind in the bathroom. Sunlight, just like ventilation, also helps naturally dry your bathroom, therefore, preventing mold from developing on the walls. Still, install adequate artificial lighting for those evening baths or toilet breaks.


Install an exhaust fan on the corner wall of your bathroom to keep it from being airtight and, of course, from harboring unpleasant smells. A powerful exhaust system from a plumbing company and a semi-gloss paint application on your bathroom tiles together can help quickly dry out moisture, hence preventing mold and dirt from forming.

You want your bathroom to be the ultimate destination for relaxation and hygiene, so it’s just appropriate to plan it according to your specific needs. Knowing ahead of time what you expect your bathroom to become will lessen the likelihood of you needing to have it fixed or renovated, which, if anything, will only cost you money and your well-deserved convenience.

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