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Ideas for Staircase Wall Decor That Will Stay for Years

Ideas for Staircase Wall Decor That Will Stay for Years

A staircase wall is a unique place for wall decor. You may think of it as an unpresentable one, but actually, its arrangement is considered beneficial. The wall decor is visible while climbing up and down and from the downstairs. 

You can show exceptional decor at this place with trending ideas. Make this neglected place look wonderful with brilliant and gorgeous staircase wall decor ideas .

Picture Frames For Staircase Wall

The staircase with colorful frames looks beautiful in any living room. It will be pleasing to eyes to see the frames while going up or coming down from stairs. This is a great way to hang memories in a trending way. Also you can prefer glass staircases that enhanced your space and make it more beautiful.

Also, you can prefer stair parts that make your commercial or residential ares better and durable.

Wall Mounted Shelves

Significantly space-saving wall-mounted shelves look out of the world on the wall of the staircase. No one would have imagined a rack on the staircase wall. You can get them in materials like wood or metal with beautiful detailing.

It will not only allow you to store things in place, but also create a beautiful decor. 

Astonishing Wall Prints

Canvases are a delight to the eyes and are best to update walls of staircase. You can use ready to hang canvas wall art that is bold and abstract, a witty quote canvas, a multi-frame canvas, or a split canvas. The wall art gives a sheer finish, and its high-quality look is mesmerizing on the staircase wall.

A vertical or panoramic canvas for a sleek staircase and a large piece wide horizontal for larger areas. 

Mesmerizing Unique Lights

The fancy wall light also looks stunning on the staircase wall. You can install traditional wall sconces or go for wall-mounted inverted U shape lights. 

You can also get round LED lights in the shape of a circle and decorate the empty middle part with photos of plants. Modern or traditional, lights have a very welcoming effect.

Planters for Wall

Who would not love a bit of greenery on the walls? You can hang some cute pots with plants on them. They will look outstanding and different. Moreover, the indoor plants are in trend and you can cover the complete staircase wall with trending planters. 

Wall Decals

Wall decals are yet another inspiring way of changing the tone of your staircase wall. They are large wall stickers that have a small detailed floral, animal, or any type of pattern. They are readily available both online and offline.

Fascinating Artefacts


You can mount beautiful artifacts of historical animals and belongings. They look very vintage, rustic, and warm. 

Personalize Your Wall

Personalize your wall with your favorite family moments. Shortlist all the best photos and convert them to polaroid photo prints and make hanging out of them. 

You can also create a family portrait and turn your photos into framed prints. Finally, make a grid and hang all images. This will look so modern and stylish.

Royalness With Mirrors

Mirrors are a kind of functional decor as they look royal and also reflect light in darker places. They give an illusion of a larger space. Mirrors with different shapes and frames look very regal. You can add more than two mirrors in a group on the staircase wall. 

Personal Gallery Wall

You can alter your staircase wall to a fun gallery wall. You can hang your or children’s artwork. Paintings, some handmade wall hangings will look great. This form of personalization will make every stair climber’s head turn.

Important Takeaways

What is the right location for hanging wall decor?  You can mount the wall piece above 150 cm of the step. For example, a large master wall of art can be hung at eye level. The placement is very crucial as it enhances the effect.

Final Words

Your usually forgotten staircase wall deserves all the pampering as other walls. It’s the perfect location for hanging some eye-catching wall decor. Personalize it or keep it stuck to any type of theme; the effort will surely be impressive.

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