Ideas: What goes with sushi

Ideas: What goes with sushi

Sushi is one of those meals that have crossed over numerous cultural borders, and there is almost nothing like a sushi night out with your loved ones. However, the evening could quickly get dull with the thought of what you should have with your sushi. Don’t worry! There are quite a several options for a sushi memory that would last you a lifetime. Below we have highlighted some of the common ones you could try out today, but first…

How Many Pieces of Sushi in a Roll?

Even when this is a question anyone who enjoys sushi rarely thinks about, it remains an important and valid inquiry. The fact that you’re interested in the answer is a sign you have a great culinary interest. While there is no general answer to the question, there is an idea you can work with.

Sushi can be made in a couple of techniques, and some of the common ones are rolled sushi, fat rolls, hand rolls, and hand-pressed sushi. You’d usually find that most of them consist of one large sushi roll. Most of these rolls can be cut into around 6 to 8 smaller pieces. has some of the best kitchenware suggestions for making sushi.

Now, What Can I Serve with Sushi?

Miso Soup

Miso soup is a favorite for a lot of people. This traditional soup from Japan is made from fermented soybean known as miso paste. Other ingredients that go into this soup include tofu and greens. All these constituents make up a unique taste and savory flavor that will be great alongside moyashi salad, tataki, and of course, sushi.

Miso soup has been used over the years with sushi primarily due to its mouth-watering umami flavor. Its versatility means it can be consumed in several ways, and preparation can accompany various tweaks to the original recipe. For instance, you can add mushrooms, ginger, or bok choy, depending on how you feel.


There are some salads that have been enjoyed with sushi, each one offering a special taste and delight. The cucumber sesame salad, for example, has a rich flavor profile that comes from its ingredients – sesame oil, sesame toppings, rice vinegar, and soy sauce. Seaweed salad is another favorite that helps with balancing the thickness of sushi rice. For some variety, you could try Kani salad, which has vegetables, crab, mayonnaise.


Tamagoyaki is a meal made from cooking multiple layers of eggs. This Japanese food is common on the streets and is often seen alongside sushi in bento boxes. The taste is not too strong, which gives freedom to your sushi.


Tempura is a classic dish that works every time you pair it with sushi. It contains deep-fried shrimps/prawns with vegetables. The result is a crispy and crunchy side dish with a delicious umami flavor. Tempura works because of the texture and, of course, flavor.


Edamame is made from blanching pods of soybeans in a 4% brine solution. Then, they are cooked until a satisfying result. They have a crunchy feel that complements sushi perfectly.


Now that you know all the foods that do well when consumed alongside sushi, you can head on to get the best broiler pan or visit the nearby restaurant to order a quick one. However and whenever you choose to enjoy this great meal, you have a lot of options now. So, why wait longer when you can grab one now and thank us later!

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