Importance of greenhouse:

Importance of greenhouse

The green housing gives more control over the crop yield, enhanced productivity as the temperature is ideally maintained which is more suitable for crop production and growth. Therefore the importance of the greenhouse is undeniable.

Some depict green housing as lifesaving and some predict it as a life-threatening methodology. Before predicting anything let’s explore the greenhouse and its functionality.



The greenhouse is a glass building that is built to maintain the inner temperature of the building. The air-tight featured glass building does not allow the warm air to pass through in the environment. Therefore it is more suitable for colder climatic situations.

Another way to describe the effect of the greenhouse is the functionality of glass which gives high access to the plants to the sunlight which then converts into infrared energy and is transferred in all directions.

Greenhouse effect:

The ultraviolet radiation is absorbed by the soil of the greenhouse and transfers the warm air in all directions with the use of the gases. The most commonly used gases are water vapors, methane, ozone, and Carbon dioxide. All these gases have the least tendency to absorb ultraviolet radiation therefore the flow of the warmth becomes smooth.

Importance of greenhouse:

The major play gases which are considered the active role-players of global warming also ensure life sustainability on earth. Keeping aside the global warming for the time being; let’s explore the importance of the greenhouse.

  1. The greenhouses are the cause of human and other organisms’ livelihood on planet earth. Especially in cooler areas where life sustainability is threatening greenhouses ensured to warm the earth just as we wanted it to be.
  2. Greenhouse ensures that the plants absorb the healthy solar energy and the bad solar radiations are bounced back to the outer atmosphere. This causes the improved yielding and quality improvement of the crops.
  3. Water levels are also maintained as the chances of flood and ice melting decrease as the moderate temperature levels are maintained by the greenhouse.
  4. The role of ozone gas all around the world is well-known in keeping the earth protected from damaging UV rays. This is also the case of the ozone in the greenhouse which just absorbs the healthy UV rays and ensures the level of warmth maintenance.
  5. Greenhouse ensures to develop the crops even in the colder areas where it was impossible to grow crops by utilizing the traditional farming methods. The warmth maintenance inside the greenhouse ensures the proper growth of the plants. Therefore reaching the economies of scale and increasing the home production which is eventually good for food availability criteria and country economy.

Bottom line:

There are pros and cons to anything it’s up to us either you want to decrease the cons and utilizing any technology for the good or not. Keeping this note in mind, the importance of greenhouse is very crucial in this overpopulation to feed the people and to fulfill the food consumption requirements.


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