Important things to keep in mind if you want to buy Pakistani formal dresses

Important things to keep in mind if you want to buy Pakistani formal dresses

Pakistani formal dresses are an essential part of any wardrobe. Whether you are attending weddings or an evening soiree, formal wear can be pretty versatile. Like Samsara, Pakistani designers offer different silhouettes and styles. Pakistani formal dresses are designed with great consideration for our cultural heritage, embellishments, and carefully weaved handiwork.

Sometimes having too many options can be confusing but there are certain things to help you choose an alluring outfit to add to your wardrobe to suit your taste and aesthetic. We have gathered some factors which will help you decide what outfits to add to your shopping cart. Color, silhouettes, and handiwork are important to consider before purchasing a formal dress for an event.

  1.   Floral designs and light colors:

Light colors, simple design and comfortable silhouettes sound so easy breezy under the hot sun. You can choose any summery color like yellow, blue or off-white and pair it with a simple to wear bell bottoms, shalwar or straight capri trouser. So, if you are looking to attend a late afternoon brunch or a summer wedding with your friends, lighter shades of pink, bubblegum blue, or white would fit just right. Now, you can strut into any event without breaking a sweat. 

  1.   Alluring dark hues:

Important things to keep in mind if you want to buy Pakistani formal dresses

Pakistani cultural dresses are rich with red, purple, brown, and maroon formal wear. Golden thread work is ideal for such dresses and considered an all-time classic. So, if you are a safe option then a bottle green frock or purple/green shirt trouser combo would be ideal. Pairing it with gold jewelry and traditional bangles is always a hit. Whether it is elegant lacework, embellishments, motifs or simple prints, anything works best when worn with confidence.

  1.   Retro aesthetic:

If you want some old school glam or recreate a retro moment from the 90s then there’s nothing better than a Sari. You can style sari even more elegantly with a choker and a bun adorned with flowers. Whether looking for a day function or suited for you under the moonlight, there is no other option better than sari to flaunt your style. Retro glasses bring more oomph to a sari when attending a day event like a simple ceremony or picnic.

  1.   Old school glam

Similarly, gharara or anghrakha add a certain glamor and panache when worn to formal events. Embodying perfection is always effortless with tilla work gharara or jamawar anghrakha. Adding a sari, gharara or anghrakha to your wardrobe will bring more versatility and bring more options to creatively style. For brunches, you can go for floral designs and for wedding receptions, a red or deep green ensemble will add more allure to your polished appearance.

Our traditional thread work, beads, and lacework on lehenga is also an all-time favorite. Lehenga is very popular in Pakistani couture and a singed skirt and with a mirror work blouse is ideal for formal events. Traditional designs add more grandeur to the whole look and if you are into intricate designs then these dresses will make you look evergreen and elegant.

Important things to keep in mind if you want to buy Pakistani formal dresses

  1.   Modern silhouettes:

If traditional dresses do not match your aesthetic then modern and contemporary silhouettes are just the perfect match for you. A line shirt or frock will look elegantly chic adorned with a beaded bodice or minimalist dress with crisp cuts will suit your personality. However, you can also wear a fusion like a simple outfit stitched with crystal or rhinestones.

  1.   Gown galore

Kaftans and gowns have also become increasingly popular in Pakistani formal wear. You can pair a simple kaftan with heels and elegant accessories. Simple trouser and shirt paired with a bold makeup look would also work best. If you are looking for some more drama while saying sleek, just choose a maxi style dress. Floor length gowns are in vogue in Pakistani formal couture. These gowns add a certain glamor which is elegant and minimal.

Samsara is the heart of elegant Pakistani couture where our team works tirelessly to add glamour and charm to your wardrobe. We believe clothes are a reflection of cultural heritage, artistic flair, and one’s personality. At Samsara, we are striving to give our customers the best experience which adds value to their wardrobe.

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