Increase Your Gym Clientele: 8 Tips To Retain and Recruit New Clients

Increase Your Gym Clientele 8 Tips To Retain and Recruit New Clients

Increasing your gym’s cash flow is necessary to maintain the long-term profitability of your business. However, it can be challenging to look at your gym with the perspective of finding new sources of revenue. Every gym owner must develop a proactive business plan describing client recruitment and retention strategies. Following are some programs you can implement to help build your clientele.

1. Develop Nutrition Services

The primary focus of every gym is to support community members’ wellness. Allow your clients to purchase high-quality brain health supplements or weight management snacks. Find a supplement provider that offers products designed to optimize memory, focus, and healthy aging. Nutritional support can help clients focus on their schedule and commit to an exercise routine. Sell products in your gym or through an online portal, giving you two sources of revenue.

2. Create a Brand Identity

Boost your brand recognition by selling exercise apparel with your logo. Look for products that will reach the largest audience, such as reusable water bottles, clothes, and tote bags. You can also design items to be used by employees or as incentives. For example, the winners of a monthly referral contest may receive a specially designed water bottle. This gives clients an additional incentive to participate in the program.

3. Provide Quality Childcare

Many gym clients require on-site childcare. Partners exercise together while care providers entertain their children. Be sure to include structured and non-structure opportunities for physical activity, as well as engaging programs. All team members supervising children should undergo state and federal background checks. As an added benefit, certify all employees in first aid and CPR.

4. Get Involved in the Community

Community involvement is critical to your long-term business success. Consumers are more likely to purchase products and services from companies that establish themselves as leaders in their community. Consider adding the following services to your menu:

  • Partner with local businesses to offer discounted memberships to your gym. In exchange, your members receive reduced pricing from those partner companies.
  • If you employ a massage therapist, establish contracts with local businesses offering on-site massages for their staff.
  • Establish outdoor exercise classes at the community park.
  • Sponsor not-for-profit fundraisers by gifting memberships during fundraising campaigns.

5. Ask Your Clients

Surveys are a great way to hear your clients’ thoughts. Contract with an agency to generate quality surveys or create your own forms. Encourage comments, both positive and negative, that allow you to identify areas in need of improvement. For example, if clients respond that locker rooms are dirty, contract with a local cleaning company to provide in-depth cleaning services in addition to regular maintenance.

6. Design Targeted Training Programs

Many clients depend on the same exercise routine every time they visit your gym because they do not have experience in developing a new regimen. Creating workshops or fitness challenges encourages your clients to try a new workout routine. Offer low-cost classes in yoga, weight training, or mobility training. Open the workshop to non-members to encourage people to visit your gym. Don’t forget to gather contact information for attendees. Your sales staff can focus recruiting efforts on those guests.

7. Train Your Staff

Gym members are often frustrated by a perceived lack of support from gym personnel. Hire team members that are committed to assisting clients. Establish strict customer service guidelines and a training program. Employee training topics could include:

  • Safety guidelines
  • Customer service role-playing
  • First aid and CPR certifications
  • Nutrition counseling

8. Increase Operating Hours

Extending your operating hours increases the perceived value of the gym. Having the opportunity to exercise outside of traditional hours differentiates your gym. You could purchase a key card system to avoid additional staffing expenses. You should also invest in a quality video recording system, and ensure the parking lot and entry are well-lit.

Successful marketing strategies start with clearly-defined objectives. These ideas may help you grow your business and establish your gym as a leader in your community. Satisfied clients and a well-organized gym can increase your profitability.

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