Indica Dominant Weed Strain: Relaxing and Calming Effect

Indica Dominant Weed Strain

Marijuana is slowly becoming accepted in society as we know it, and research into this herb is becoming more intense and complex as time goes on. After years of study and research, we have finally been able to dispel many myths surrounding this plant and provide factual and evidence-based arguments on various subjects. For example, there is a widespread misconception that all marijuana strains can calm the mind and relax the body. This misconception needed to be dispelled immediately. We now know that the Indica strains produce the effect of relaxation and deep rest, whereas most Sativa strains make a more uplifting and energetic high in the user. Let’s talk about Indica strains that can help you feel more relaxed and comfortable.


An Indica-dominant hybrid strain developed through a cross of the potent Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG strains, and it has a high level of Indica characteristics. However, because of its insanely powerful munchies-inducing body high and the fact that the exact Indica-to-Sativa ratio for this strain is unknown, it is generally thought to be reasonably Indica-dominant.

After inhaling the Scooby Snacks high, you will feel an uplifted euphoric effect in your eyes and forehead, providing a significant mood boost and an overall calm in both mind and body. This effect will gradually spread throughout the rest of your body, accompanied by a numbing tingling sensation that will leave you completely sedated and relaxed.

Unfortunately, as the body high builds, you’ll become a victim of an insane case of the munchies, which will have you eating anything and everything that comes into your vicinity (hopefully not dog treats). These effects, combined with a potent THC concentration that has been measured as high as 22 percent, make Scooby Snacks an excellent choice for treating patients suffering from depression, chronic stress or anxiety, chronic pain, nausea, and appetite loss, among other conditions.

Blackberry Kush

An Indica-dominant strain of marijuana. A remarkable high is provided by this strain, which is especially impressive given its 21.5 percent THC content. A thick layer of trichomes and red hairs covers the buds, making them sticky. Although the vibrant buds are vibrant in colour, you will notice that they are interspersed with yellow, purple, and black hues.

While it has a powerful Kush aroma that is smooth-sweet and heady on the other hand, it does not have any psychoactive properties. Despite this, it is not as intense as one might expect. It tastes a lot like how it smells, which is good. A good reason for the name Blackberry Kush is that the strain tastes like berries; after all, it has a distinct berry flavour. What is truly remarkable about Blackberry Kush is that you will only require a small amount of it to achieve the desired level of relaxation.

On the other hand, the strain will put you to sleep in no time if you consume it in large quantities. Consequently, patients experiencing pain and insomnia find it to be highly beneficial. However, due to its Indica dominance, it is best used at night. Cannabis strain Blackberry Kush has numerous medical applications and is prescribed to patients who struggle to cope with nervousness, anxiety, or stress symptoms.


This strain is referred to as the Don of all Kush strains; this is also true of the Gold Leaf and guava cake strain, both known for calming the mind. Furthermore, it has earned a solid reputation for its sedative properties and is a widely used cannabis strain. Despite being an Indica dominant hybrid strain, it has a 60:40 Indica to Sativa ratio and an incredible 25 percent THC content. Gorgeous buds are produced by this strain, which is nothing short of a visual treat to behold.

GODFATHER OG developed the strain primarily through crossing Bubba Kush, LA Confidential, and GDP strains. The buds are dense and frosty simultaneously, which is unusual for the season. Also notable are the presence of relatively large calyxes and the presence of bright purple hairs, and an equal amount of trichome coverage.

This strain’s smell and taste are distinct from any Indica dominant strains you may have medicated with in the past. This strain has piney and earthy flavours with spicy undertones and is highly potent at the same time, making it a popular choice for medical marijuana patients. To put it mildly, the high is unlike any other, and it is indescribably powerful.

This substance can knock you out for good if you do not take precautions. Therefore, Godfather OG is strongly advised for patients suffering from severe medical conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic pains and aches, and other mood disorders such as bipolar disorder.

In Conclusion, Should You Consider Taking Weed to Calm and Relax Your Mind?

Of course, you should try it because numerous weed strains are excellent at providing this effect. The only thing is to make sure that you do not overdo it if you want to enjoy a comfortable and peaceful high. Always strive to apply the golden rule of keeping everything in moderation.

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