Ink Cartridge Replacement — Top Tips for Savvy Customers

Ink Cartridge Replacement — Top Tips for Savvy Customers

Inkjet printers require more frequent cartridge replacement than laser counterparts. Moreover, the cost of new ink may be comparable to the price of the equipment. Like HP, Canon offers affordable equipment and expensive supplies. However, savvy customers know how to save 20% or even more with every purchase.

“Generic” and “aftermarket” cartridges are nothing new, but some consumers are still hesitant about using them. At the Smart Ink store, you can find all you need, including Canon 270 ink, with a money-back guarantee and free shipping. A pack of 10 XL cartridges costs $16.99, while the official store offers two black cartridges for over $50! So, how is this possible, and can such products damage your printer?

How “Generic” Cartridges Work

These products are produced by independent manufacturers. They are designed from scratch and fit specific models of printers. Independent brands do not have to invest so heavily in R&D, which allows them to offer competitive prices. Printer giants cannot forbid the use of these supplies. Third-party ink from reliable stores will not void your warranty, either.

How to Find Top Quality Ink

This industry has gone a long way in recent years. Today, compatible cartridges can provide an irresistible combination —- excellent quality at a low cost. At the same time, customers should choose their stores carefully to avoid substandard products. When seeking top-quality ink, the landscape of the printing industry has evolved considerably, and dropship printer toner cartridges can be a valuable resource in this quest. Trustworthy providers offer the following benefits:

  • Certified quality in compliance with international standards like ISO;
  • The latest version of the chip on every product (it guarantees instant recognition);
  • A money-back guarantee (preferably, 2 years);
  • Ink level tracking (you get notified when the ink starts running out);
  • Free shipping and reliable packaging;
  • Recyclable products and other eco-friendly practices.

What About Remanufactured Cartridges?

This second category of bargains includes original cartridges that have been refilled and revamped. Remanufacturers inject fresh ink from independent suppliers and replace any worn components. As a result, you get the best of both worlds — an original cartridge with cheaper ink.

Choose a store that tests all products before shipping. You should also get all the benefits listed above. Instead of having your old cartridge refilled at a physical location, order a product with a warranty online. Typically, companies providing compatible cartridges have a range of remanufactured products, too.

Is There a Catch?

Cartridges from trusted suppliers will not void your printer warranty. They will work exactly like the original cartridges, and you can always disable the firmware updates if they hinder recognition. When choosing a store, pay attention to its reputation and user feedback on independent platforms like Trustpilot. Remember that e-stores are not created equal and do your homework before purchasing anything online.

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