Instagrammable Cafes Galore In Singapore-now Boarding Changi Airport!

When it comes to Instagrammable cafes, Singapore has its fair share! And one of the most popular areas for travelers to take pictures is Changi Airport. So whether you’re in the mood for a sweet treat or something more savory, these cafes will have something that fits your taste bud. Looking for the best Instagram worthy cafes in Singapore? Here are three of our favorites:

1. % Arabica Jewel Changi Airport

Fans of Muji’s style will be interested in this.

Many words are associated with the taste of arabica coffee, such as clean, bright, and indicative. But the design and elegant atmosphere of the café reminded us of the look of Jewel Changi Airport’s outlet as well. It has the fourth outlet in Kyoto in a smaller airport, is its first place in an airport as well, and it’s décor perfectly pays homage to its birthplace.

The message of the Japanese design is a clear one, as seen by the intelligent, clean white buildings, which will bring a sense of joy to any KonMari followers. The signature accents are those bright green plants near the main entrance and the red from your coffee.

Visiting % Arabica is a missed opportunity without a shot of the cup of your coffee printed with the café’s iconic percent sign logo. And the coffee is also excellent.

2. La Fez Café & Bakery

Anderson’s fans will appreciate this sense of wonder.

Go to the elegant oasis of La Fez Café & Bakery in the East of Singapore. This Middle Eastern café is swathed in golden tones, an air of paradisiacal magic. This location takes its aromatic origins very seriously. We’re talking about shakshuka, lamb tagine, mint tea, and everything that would serve you a healthy Moroccan-inspired dining experience.

To prepare after your meal, remove Nous Nous (a Moroccan half espresso) from your dish. Your dessert at La Fez will spark daydreams with its pastel ambiance. From teapots and furnishings in a Moroccan style to rattan chairs and artwork in Arabesque style, the combination of rustic with stylish will be a soothing retreat for your Instagram.

3. Café de Nicole’s Flower

Cottage core fans may appreciate this choice.

Stop by Café De Nicole s Flower to seek out a magical amalgamation of florals, desserts, and coffee. Nicole Chen opened a flower arranging supply store early on and blossomed into her establishment’s thriving east side café. The exuberant love for all things floral has made its mark inside out in pastries, cakes, and drinks, where they’re garnished with flowers for the most significant Instagram appeal.

Even for the most enthusiastic cottage core fan, the flowers at the café would satisfy their green fantasy, and a florist would. And, yes, you can purchase the roses here, too. It’s a flower shop.


In conclusion, instagrammable cafes galore can be found at Changi Airport, making it the perfect spot to spend a few minutes before boarding your flight. Whether you want to enjoy a hot coffee or some freshly made pastries, there’s something for everyone here. So why not start your journey now and check out some of our favorite spots? We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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