Introducing The New Doritos Papadia

Papa John’s just got better! For a limited time, the pizza chain will be serving up Doritos Papadias, and you don’t want to miss them. Make the experience even better by using Papa Johns coupons to save money.

What Is A Papadia

If you have not had a Papa John’s Papadia yet, you might wonder what all the hype is about. Think hot, flatbread sandwich filled with your favorite Papa John’s flavors and ingredients. The flatbread is made from Papa John’s own signature dough. Juicy meats, colorful veggies and real cheese melted to gooey perfection makes this meal a satisfying treat. Dipping sauce is included, which takes the Papadia to a whole new level with every bite. There are currently six different Papadias you can order in addition to creating your own custom sandwich.

Cool Ranch Papadia

Soon there will be three more options of Papadias, plus a customizable option, featuring Doritos Cool Ranch flavor. The Cool Ranch Doritos Papadia combines the flavors of Papa John’s that you know and love with Doritos Cool Ranch flavor to take Papadias to a higher level of goodness. This sandwich features bold ranch seasoning and Dorito’s Cool Ranch flavored dressing, along with Papa John’s ripe tomatoes, onions and cheese. You choose your protein. Ready-to-order options are chicken, beef and steak. You can also customize a Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia, choosing your own meat, vegetables and cheese. A side of Doritos Cool Ranch flavored dressing for dipping is included. The Doritos Papadia is a must-have sandwich.

Papa Pairings

In addition to using coupons to save money, remember Papa John’s has a variety of menu items that you can pair together. Papa Pairings are a great way to satisfy your family or friends. For $6.99 each, you can choose wings, medium one-topping pizzas, chicken poppers, Papadias and more. You will definitely want to include a Cool Ranch Doritos Papadia with your order. Papa Pairings are perfect for when you and your guests cannot agree on what to order or everyone has different favorites. Order multiple options and create your own buffet. That way everyone can try a little of each item. They might end up with a new favorite!

Family Meal Deals

Ordering a family meal deal is another way to enjoy a Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia and all your other favorites as well. Having a variety of options helps ensure everyone enjoys their meal without having to worry about possible allergies, intolerances or dislikes of certain foods. With a family meal deal, there should be enough for everyone, including children. Make sure to order side options, dipping sauces and desserts to go along with your pizza for a complete meal. Don’t worry! Family meal deals are not just for dinner. You can order them for lunch, too, for a wonderfully delicious, satisfying midday meal, or even for a midnight snack.

Remember, Doritos Cool Ranch Papadias are only available for a limited amount of time. Search pizza delivery near me today to have Papa John’s delivered directly to your door. Enjoy!

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