Introduction to serviced apartments in Korea: Episode Sinchon 369 & Suyu 838

Introduction to serviced apartments in Korea

Episode was established as a landmark for a mixed-use residential complex, where various commercial facilities, public spaces, private spaces, and communities unfold. Episode is being produced and promoted with the concept of “cultural mix” so that all young people, whether foreigners or Koreans, can gather in the episodes to create new experiences, and unlike hotel customer services, you can do things by yourself however you want it, that way you can be more involved with the community.

Ziptoss is a South Korean real estate company that provides rental options for foreigners so that they can have their own homes in South Korea. Ziptoss provides information and some tips so foreigners can be able to adapt easier. In this article, we’ll be introducing a new way of living in South Korea, a serviced apartment/hotel called “Episode”.

We’ll be discussing the details of living spaces(private and shared) that will be opening soon: Sinchon 369 and Suyu 838. And if you’re interested, you can also rent Episode Sinchon 369 and Suyu 838’s living spaces through Ziptoss. Simply contact us for more information and one of our agents will be glad to assist you.

Sinchon 838

Duplex room types

You can design your own room with interesting and appealing layouts. We have prepared various types of designs for you to choose from. A duplex studio is suitable for one person, but a duplex with partitions will be much more suitable for two people. Rental starts at around 700,000 Won and is adjusted according to the renter’s security deposit, room size, options, etc.

Cafe & Lounge area

Chat freely at the cafe on the first floor, enjoy parties and feel the openness of the outdoors with a cup of good coffee. On the second floor is a lounge area where you can work in an open space or hold large meetings.

MUJI Lounge

In partnership with the global brand MUJI, Episode has provided another lounge area for comfortable meetings and relaxation with MUJI’s aesthetics, minimal, simple, and clean.

Other common areas

You can enjoy various activities and everyday errands with a variety of community-run common spaces. You can enjoy a shared kitchen for private family gatherings, a rock climbing training room, and spaces where you can focus on your work.

Suyu 383

One room with open concept furniture

They have used open-plan furniture so renters can use this small space better, this is a room that suits those who are living alone. It has been designed to have a lot of storage space and to decorate furniture and appliances according to your preference.

One room with open concept furniture

Open studio type

Having an open and adjustable bathroom structure, studio design is more practical because you can use the space freely and have it designed according to your needs.

1.5 room

Enjoy work and hobbies at the spacious desk and use the curtains to separate your work and living space. This room is made for those who work at home or have freelance jobs where you’ll be needing space for working.

Shared living room

Spaces for events and exchanges are usually being prepared. Episode has a shared living room space where people can get to know each other, enjoy each other’s company, and expand their network.

Other shared spaces

As you enter the lobby, you will find a café, a lounge, and other public spaces. You can go to the work lounge where you can enjoy views of three nearby forest areas, as well as a garden lounge where you can take a break from working or studying.

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