Investment Applications and Features

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Be you a strong and successful company with many branches on the international market, or a young startup, just doing the first steps in conquering the customers’ loyalty, to work out the strategy for future growth and development should be a thing worth considering. You, however, might find yourself questioning whether it is worth a toil and how this enterprise might benefit you in the long run. Today we’d like to dissect the topic of ROI, thus helping you make up your mind in what field it’s worth investing your time and money in. That said, we better start from the very basics. But if you know what you want, you can discuss the issue in detail with expert app developers.

Definition and Examples

Investment app is a specifically-made fintech platform created to be a common ground for you and your investors, partners, and clients, allowing quick and easy interaction and an open field for trading. This particular method of investment and finance streamlining is getting significantly more popular, as fintech is slowly taking over the market due to the handful of useful features it provides. Such apps as Acorns, Robinhood, Invstr, Stockpile, etc., are the latest examples of successful investment applications. But what made them so? Let us take a closer look at what these applications have to offer.

Features of Investment Apps

Low fee

Low fees are the selling point of these applications, as zero percent fee implies not having to worry about excessive financial loss throughout the transactions, thus making it easier for the investors to start settling in.

Tools and management

Investment applications are great for wealth management as well, meaning your funds are safe and sound, and well-managed too. Apart from the mentioned, investment apps provide the customers with plenty of tools for all sorts of purposes, that is, stock tracking, planning, research, trading, etc.

Cryptocurrency support

Needless to say, investment platforms accept cryptocurrency as a valid payment option, which may be of great help to those interested in cryptocurrency trading.


Investment apps are highly accessible as all fintech things go, meaning you can reach out via any device and any time. This feature is rather handy for all kinds of things, that is keeping in touch with the foreign market for instance. Speaking of which…

Foreign market investment

Some platforms make it possible for you to trade stocks in multiple foreign markets, fee-free as per ushe.

Further information

The things mentioned above are merely the very top of an iceberg that investment applications are. If you feel like digging into the thing, though, you might want to give this article a read, as it’ll help you to get acquainted with the prime examples of investment applications, as well as their main benefits.


No pain – no gain, meaning there are several things you need to make sure of to come up with a competitive and reliable platform.


You need to make sure to find a decent and experienced fintech development team, experienced in development and design itself, as well as business matters. Speaking of the latter, with the help of neat business skills, your development team adjusts to your particular needs more easily, which might come in handy.


As for the design itself, you need to keep an eye on the development of the User Interface, as an agile and user-friendly interface is the key to draw people’s attention. Apart from that, make sure to think over the functional aspect of your application, the financial safety of your enterprise, marketing strategy, etc. Don’t hesitate to look up other financial platforms and derive ideas from them.


Investment applications have a lot to offer, and it is up to you to decide whether you find these implications useful for your particular business case. As the design of the fintech platform is a growing trend now. And a good chance to gain the free niche which will be in demand by both investors and borrowers for the decades ahead.

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