Is Hiring an Unpacking Service Worth It?

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Most people like the thought of moving to a new house, maybe in a new city, maybe even in a new state. We all need a fresh environment in our lives every now and then.

But while living in a new home sounds nice, the reality is that the process of moving is a nightmare. And it’s this process that keeps many would-be movers stuck in the old homes that are too small for them.

Let’s face it, packing is never fun. But even worse is unpacking in your new home.

Luckily, you can hire an unpacking service to unload all your stuff from the truck, and from the boxes, to help you get settled into your new home right away. No need to deal with lingering boxes for weeks, or even months.

So are home unpacking services worth the cost? Keep reading to learn all about packing and unpacking services below.

Benefits of an Unpacking Service

For a more full-service option, you can have the packers actually load everything up into the boxes for you, then load the truck, and vice versa. Very little work is required on your part.

And still, some choose to only hire unpacking services, rather than packing services. If that’s what you’re considering, here’s why it’s a good idea.

Save Time During the Move-In Process

The moving process doesn’t end once you unload the truck at your new house. Actually, it’s only about halfway complete.

There’s a lot of logistical things you need to take care of, like activating new utilities, getting new homeowners insurance, and making any necessary upgrades or repairs to your new house.

You might need to get your kids settled into a new school district or learn the layout of your new neighborhood or city.

But you might not have any time for these important tasks if you also have to unpack each one of your boxes and find a home for all of your belongings. Getting stuff out of the boxes is hard enough, but organizing it as well becomes a huge time-waster.

If you want to skip this process, and have your home ready to live in just a day or two, hiring an unpacking service starts to sound really nice.

This is especially important for those who can’t take time away from work, and need to get back to the office right away. It’s also important if you have a timeline you need to stick to. For example, if you moved in before a holiday or birthday party, and need the house to be ready before hosting friends and family.

When it comes to unpacking, you can either spend some money and have it completed in no time, or spend a lot of your time doing it yourself.

Prevent Exhaustion After Your Move

Many people are motivated at the start of a big move. They spend weeks getting rid of stuff they don’t need and packing everything up in anticipation of the big day.

They’ve been handling a lot of details, from buying a new house, to dealing with utilities and address changes, and everything else that comes along with a move.

They even manage to load all of their stuff onto a truck and have it delivered to their new home. But after weeks of enduring the moving process, many people simply don’t have the energy to then unpack their entire home and organize everything.

It’s exhausting. As a result, many new homeowners only unpack a little bit each day. That means the house doesn’t actually feel like a home for many weeks.

If you’ve moved a few times before, then you know this feeling well. But hiring an unpacking and organizing service is the perfect way to finish your move.

The Downside of an Unpacking Service

Of course, working with a packing or unpacking service isn’t always perfect. Here’s why it might not be for you.

Not Organized the Right Way

When you pay someone else to unpack your boxes and find a place for all of your belongings, they are going to make their best judgment call as to where certain items should go.

Most of the time, they are going to do pretty well. In general, most people want the kitchen organized the same way. And depending on the layout of your rooms, there might only be one place that furniture can go.

But there will always be choices made by the unpacking team that doesn’t suit your preferred style. So even though everything is somewhere, you might still need to spend a little bit of time moving things around, to make everything just right.

Added Costs

Moving is not a cheap process, especially if you are moving far away. You need to pay to transport your belongings, which can be expensive whether you hire it out or do it yourself.

There are also travel expenses, storage expenses, and of course the cost associated with purchasing a new home. Add onto that the unpacking services cost and your bills continue to climb.

Of course, you shouldn’t move if you don’t have the money to do so. When planning your move, you need to set a budget, as many people spend upwards of $10,000 or more just to move from one house to another.

If you didn’t have to pay for an unpacking service, that money could be spent elsewhere, such as a new TV for your living room, supplies to paint your home or new furniture.

Unpacking Service Near Me

Regardless of where you currently live or where you are moving to, there’s an unpacking service available locally. People are always moving, and moving services are universally available in the US.

If you decide that the cost of unpacking services is worth it, there’s no reason to try doing it yourself. Save your time, and your energy, and enjoy a beautiful home in less than a day.

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