Is Live Music Making a Comeback at Boston Colleges and Universities?

Is Live Music Making a Comeback at Boston Colleges and Universities

Summers in Boston are fantastic because they are filled with smiling people, street fashion, food, and music. On the streets, you’ll see several artists playing the guitar, piano, violin, harmonium, flute, and other instruments. You’ll find solo singers and local bands performing for free to the general public. Many locals and visitors are familiar with live music in the Boston scene. However, the Covid-19 failure has taken away a lot of joy. But, with the passage of time, things have returned to normal, with a better outlook.

The Real Deal about Boston Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities in Boston have historically valued live music. Campuses have organized live music events for students, with tickets available to non-students. Educational institutes in Boston have long welcomed the spirit of music and have provided opportunities for their pupils to learn music. Take a look at the colleges below that are hosting live music concerts:

Berklee College of Music is a music school in Boston, Massachusetts.

The most prestigious music school in Boston, Massachusetts. The college’s goal is to promote contemporary music all around the world. More than 1500 live music concerts have been held at the campus so far. Many musicians aspire to attend the college since it offers college-level classes in hip hop, rock, heavy metal, bluegrass, and salsa. You won’t believe it when I tell you that the college has 310 Grammy awards.

There are a slew of upcoming events in Boston, many of them hosted by Boston’s leading colleges and universities. So get ready to have a good time!

College of Fine Arts, Boston University

Since its inception, the other fantastic college has been a strong supporter of music. The academics and event businesses have put on numerous concerts to demonstrate the power of music. Professor Andrew Shenton of the BU School of Music and School of Theology offered a pre-concert presentation titled “Countering Violence: Singing What We Cannot Say” during one of the concerts. Every year, a variety of arts and music events are presented to university students and the general public (optional) to allow them to witness the distinct talents of artists.

Emerson College is a private liberal arts college in the United States.

Emerson College, the city’s beating center, has long demonstrated a genuine commitment to other cultures, arts, and music. Many live performances, including theatre, film, visual art, literature, and music, have been organized by the college. A large cinema screening room, a virtual meeting for theatre artists, two art galleries, and much more can be found on the site. There is no such notification for upcoming music events; however, we hope the college will consider a live performance in the near future.

Final Thoughts

The majority of Americans enjoy going to live music performances. There are various limits on campus events due to the pandemic. However, you can attend a variety of music shows at other venues and enjoy the summer moods by attending music concerts.

We hope this piece of information has been informative. Find out more about Boston events by browsing the internet.

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