Is Marriage Counseling Worth It?

How to Cope With Your Failing Marriage

Relationship problems come in many forms. Some are minor, representing a small stumbling block on the road to happiness. Others may be quite serious, making it difficult to see whether a relationship is even worth continuing.

When married couples are struggling to connect or find happiness together, the path forward can begin to grow unclear. However, it is these very issues marriage counseling can help couples confront head-on.

What is Marriage Counseling?

Marriage counselling is a type of therapy designed to allow married couples to work through issues both big and small with the guidance of a mental health professional.

This approach is very different from simply arguing under the watchful eye of a mediator. It involves genuine therapy sessions, designed to help couples identify where they struggle in their relationship and potential ways to resolve those problems in a mutually beneficial way.

Therapy benefits include:

  • Deepening the understanding between you and your partner
  • Helping to foster greater intimacy and love
  • Allowing partners to pursue their dreams while staying committed to their relationship

Like any form of therapy, marriage counseling takes work and commitment. In exchange for that effort, couples can begin to heal.

Even couples considering divorce are often able to reconcile and rekindle the love they once had through counseling. Others may form a different but still valuable love between each other to create a sort of new beginning between them.

When considering counseling, try to research the best counselor in your area to improve your odds of a good result. Be sure to choose a marriage counselling service that is well-reviewed and takes an evidence-based approach to relationship therapy.

Is Counseling Worth It?

It is well-known that the global rate of divorce is about 50%. There are about 5.5 divorces per 1000 people. That said, this rate is obviously not universal.

The rate of divorce is lower in some places compared to others, such as in Australia, where the rate sits at 2 divorces per 1000 people. Put another way, it is estimated about 1 in 3 Australian marriages end in divorce.

More or less wherever you live, it still means a great many couples are unhappy enough that they split up. If you’re worried about where your own relationship is headed, is counseling worth it?

For most couples, the answer is yes. If you are unhappy enough that you’re considering counseling, then it also means the intervention of a trained professional can likely do you good. That said, there are some caveats.

Some people are genuinely incompatible with each other. Some partners are abusive or even dangerous. Marriage counseling cannot fix every relationship, although it may help you at least discover that truth if you’re not yet sure.

That being said, more than 85% of couples lead a better-married life after consulting marriage guidance counselling. The professionals can help you solve almost all solvable problems like addictions, fantasies, and expectations. However, you have to cooperate with the adviser as well. For instance, they will provide separate assignments to both of you for the week. It is up to you whether you follow those instructions and record the results or not. Otherwise, no professional can help a failing marriage if either partner is unwilling to carry on.

If you can find a counselor to guide you and your partner through the therapy process, you will almost always discover more about your relationship and what the best path forward may be. This is often one that allows you to stay together and remain happy but that isn’t the only possible result.

Counseling Can Help With Relationship Problems 

If you’re having relationship problems, counseling can help. It may not be instantaneous and it may take hard work, but professional couples therapy can allow for healing that would be almost impossible to achieve on your own.

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