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Is Prefab house cheaper than building?

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In addition to building a general house that has a time to build a house บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน with a period of time. “Prefabricated houses” are sometimes called “prefabricated houses”. “Ban Knockdown” has been on the market for a while now. This business started from selling prefabricated teak pavilion. Become a prefabricated teak house for sale When agreeing to sell, the seller will immediately bring the pavilion or the whole house to set up on the land. The homeowner just drives the piles and prepares the foundation first.

Today, there are many small and large companies offering prefabricated and semi-finished homes. Some of them offer high technology from abroad. But some people use ordinary construction methods.

Prefab House Type

  1. Full prefabricated house

This type of house has the least construction on the job site. The whole house was built in a factory. When the house is finished, the seller will bring the whole house to the land. where the needles have been hammered and the foundation has been made Homes like this are often small because of transport restrictions.

  1. Semi-prefabricated house

This type of house will be manufactured in pieces in the factory and assembled at the construction site. Almost all prefab houses in the market use this construction method. There are 3 types of construction.

2.1 Metal frame house

It is a house that uses the main structure and wall frame of metal such as steel frame or galvanized steel, the exterior wall is made of artificial wood or cement board, the interior wall is gypsum board.

A house like this is lightweight. Piles and foundations are inexpensive. fast construction No heavy machinery is required for construction. The construction was completed because it was a dry construction.

The weakness of this house is If the joints between the external wall panels are not good Water will seep inside, causing the steel frame to rust.

2.2 Concrete frame house

The main structure is a piece of reinforced concrete made from the factory to be installed as a house. Then pour concrete to cover the joints of the columns and beams to connect them together. The roof structure is a steel frame. Brick masonry walls or lightweight bricks

The advantage is that the structure is columns, beams, and the walls use traditional construction methods. Make changes to the house like a normal house But the limitation is that it takes longer to build than other prefabricated houses.

2.3 Concrete wall house

This type of house uses load-bearing walls as a structure without columns-beams. The walls of the house are very strong. not afraid of moisture Cheaper than metal structure houses

The limitation is that the walls are heavy. Construction requires heavy machinery. It takes longer to build than a metal frame house. Additions and improvements are difficult. Walls can’t be beaten if they are not prepared in advance.


Nowadays, many companies advertise that they are building prefabricated houses. But found that those companies use normal construction methods. Just use steel as a structure. Other parts, whether floor/wall/roof, are normal construction. There are very few prefabricated houses like this one. Because it takes a long time to build, the construction is not of quality Not different from general houses before deciding to hire a prefabricated house building company should be examined and compared Construction method/Use of building materials before agreeing to choose any one


Start by finding the most desirable prefabricated house building company. by asking for information from existing customers of that company When choosing the right company Let the company make a house plan on the land to make sure that the house can be built on the land. and to assess the construction cost Then send comments to the company to edit the design until you like it.

  • Once the house plan has been obtained and the price has been agreed upon, a contract of sale shall be made by attaching the revised construction drawing.
  • Pay the deposit according to the contract Then let the company make a construction permit form and submit it to the government agencies. When you get 37 licenses to bring the license and the purchase agreement to apply for a loan with a financial institution. You can get loans easily if you click here.
  • The Company will begin construction by requiring the homeowner to periodically inspect the construction and pay installments according to the construction.
  • 1 month before the house is completed, the owner of the house goes to ask for a water meter – electricity. When the house is completed, the owner will ask for the house number, move in, pay the loan according to the contract.


It takes less construction time compared to normal construction, for example, building a house that takes 6-12 months or more. Some prefabricated houses may take only 2-4 months to build. Less on-site waste because most of the building’s parts are manufactured in factories. The work site has less noise and dust problems compared to normal construction work.

Construction using prefabricated materials is mostly factory-made. The quality of construction is therefore more tidy than normal construction.

Electrical work, water pipes, sewer pipes are arranged in an orderly manner in advance. make those systems work well.


There are few designs to choose from and limited customization based on the terms of each seller.

Metal frame prefabricated houses use steel as the structure. There is a weakness that the bathroom wall is constantly exposed to water. If the waterproofing system at the wall is not good Water may seep into the wall frame. make iron rust

Prefabricated concrete wall houses have disadvantages that are heavy. therefore requires more piles than usual and difficult to nail the wall. Addition, replacement, use or hammer the wall must consult a structural engineer and have a construction plan. for consideration before proceeding Therefore, if buying a prefabricated house, you must request a construction drawing from the seller and save it for future home improvements.

In addition, houses that use prefabricated structural parts that are joined together. The joints must be managed well, especially the joints between columns and beams.

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