It’s Bath Time! Here’s How Often to Wash Your Dog

If you’re among the 38% of houses with a canine companion, you might be wondering how often to wash your dog. After all, you don’t want your furniture to be covered in hair or fleas. But you don’t want your pup to have dry skin.

How often should you get the bathwater running? Read on to find out!

Know Your Dog’s Habits

Is your dog running around the dog park each day? And is he heading to the lake with you and splashing around during camping trips?

Your dog’s bathing routine may be determined by how messy their normal activities are. After all, you don’t want a dog around that smells like murky water or damp grass.

For instance, if you just picked up your dog from the kennel, it might be time for a dog bath. This can help keep your dog safe from germs or fleas they picked up at the kennel. Plus you’ll love welcoming home a fluffy, sweet-smelling dog!

Consider the Type of Dog

While most dogs don’t need frequent bathing, some do. For instance, hairless breeds might require a higher frequency of baths. You might even need to make it a weekly routine if your hairless dog’s skin starts to smell.

Bathing your dog every day is a bad idea since doing so can result in dry, itchy skin. Your best bet is to talk with your veterinarian if you have any concerns about a dog bath schedule.

Look into a Monthly Bathing Routine

Wondering when to bathe your dog? You could commit to a monthly routine. This dog bath schedule is a safe bet if you’re hoping to keep your dog — and your home — clean.

Because some dogs have longer fur, it’s easy for contaminants to get trapped in even the silkiest coat. You might find traces of feces, vomit, and bacteria in your dog’s coat. And you’ll definitely find dead skin cells and dirt that could start irritating them if left in place for too long.

Find a Good Dog Bath Shampoo

What kind of shampoo or grooming products suit your dog? Before sudsing up your canine pal, do some research. Some shampoos are formulated to help with dandruff, and all dog-friendly shampoos should be tear-free formulas.

Avoid shampoos with parabens, sulfates, and other potential irritants. And don’t use human shampoos on your dog.

Find a full service dog wash here that can take care of everything for you. You can choose from oatmeal and hypoallergenic shampoos that will be gentle yet effective. Plus there are puppy-friendly shampoos and services, like nail trimming, that can be built into a visit.

Understand How Often to Wash Your Dog

Knowing how often to wash your dog boils down to a few factors. You’ll need to know recommended guidelines for your dog’s breed as well as consider your dog’s daily activities. On top of that, investigate shampoo options and, of course, look into a dog bath if your pooch starts to smell.

Get more pet care tips. Come back to find new articles soon!

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