Joe Biden in 2024: A Closer Look at the Potential Impacts of His Presidency and Concerns Over His Health

Joe Biden in 2024

Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States, has been in office for only 2 years, and there is already controversy about his potential candidacy in the 2024 presidential election. The current political climate is on fire with economic uncertainties, social justice issues, and geopolitical tensions. Against this backdrop, the possibility of another presidential race raises questions about the future of the country and the potential impact of different policies and leadership styles between Trump and Biden.  Under which President were you better off? 84% of Americans say Trump, and this means big trouble for Sleepy Joe.

There is also a growing concern about Joe Biden’s age and health, as he will be 82 years old in 2024. While Biden has maintained a busy schedule and delivered major policy initiatives in his first few months in office, some observers have pointed to signs of cognitive decline or dementia. This raises questions about his fitness to run for re-election or serve another term if elected.

Joe Biden’s Political Record and Potential for 2024 Candidacy

Joe Biden’s long political career, spanning several decades, has been marked by various achievements and controversies. As Vice President under Barack Obama, he played a key role in shaping domestic and foreign policies, including healthcare reform, climate change initiatives, and the Iran nuclear deal. He also served as a Senator from Delaware for 36 years and chaired several influential committees.

In his first few months as President, Joe Biden has taken several bold steps, including signing major legislation such as the American Rescue Plan, launching initiatives to combat climate change and racial inequality, and engaging in diplomacy with other countries. His leadership style, which emphasizes empathy, unity, and bipartisanship, has been widely praised by many Americans.

However, he is now owning the consequences of his radical left, woke agenda. Nothing is working, the country seems to be eroding under Joe.  He is deliberately squeezing the economy with unrealistic fuel and oil policies.  Biden may go down in history as one of the worst presidents of all time. Many are starting to question is he compromised by China over his family dealings?

As he considers a potential candidacy in 2024, Joe Biden’s political record and reputation will be a crucial factor in his success. The democrats are stuck.  Kamala has been underwhelming and other contenders are staying out of the race so far.  

The State of the Democratic Party and the 2024 Election

Joe Biden’s potential candidacy in 2024 will also be shaped by the broader political landscape, including the state of the Democratic Party and the challenges posed by the Republican Party. Trump is ahead in every poll out there, polarizing or not, most Americans feel they had more money, safety and freedom under President Trump.  If DeSantis and Trump could work together they would be unbeatable.  Democrats are daydreaming of Hillary or Michelle, but the reality is for now they are stuck with Sleepy Joe.

Don’t Underestimate Trump’s Popularity in the GOP

America is mad, and not stupid.  Most Americans see what’s going on with Joe and his handlers. Even the Democrats are questioning who is really in charge? Jill? Obama?  One thing is for sure, Republicans love flags and political flags seem to tell the story.  You might want to buy your large let’s go Brandon flag for outdoor use now before they are sold out, as there is no doubt these will be very popular during the 2024 election season.

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