Junket tourism: how to spend a gambling vacation and not to spend all the money

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It has long been known that gambling is a risky activity, which can lead not only to big winnings but also to significant losses. Nevertheless, the field is evolving, as new trends in gambling – junket tourism – are flourishing. Although financial losses are inherent in this type of entertainment, people still continue to travel to visit famous institutions with many bright and colorful games. The other thing is when addiction develops in the background of passion, it can lead to losing everything you have. Playing at a casino, whether it’s a land-based establishment or an online one like sharpgambler.co.uk, should be smart and well thought out.

Attractions are very tempting, and casinos use various tricks and games to influence the player’s psyche, and attracting players to foreign establishments is one of them. However, when going on a junket tour, it is worth knowing a few rules and tips that will allow you to play relatively safely. Of course, gambling cannot be completely risk-free, as that would go against the idea of it, but it can be responsible, and you yourself are one of the keys to not only saving your finances but also possibly winning.


Gambling is complicated and is not exclusively associated with casinos. You can fall into the trap of traveling by starting a game of scratch cards, betting, or buying stocks and bonds. Unfortunately, anything is possible in this world. You always have to know where to draw the prohibition line and how to play so you don’t lose everything. For people who are only looking for good entertainment, and adrenaline and enrichment come second, a good option would be to use those junket tours, which involve visiting partially free casinos where you are given bonus free attempts at trial games. This way, you don’t have to risk your funds, but only have fun.


It is the need for great experiences and big winnings that attracts people to casinos outside of their home country, plus it’s an added opportunity to travel. Unfortunately, statistically, the chances of winning are small, just like in gambling in general. However, for a gambler, a minimal percentage to win is enough to entice him into the game. But it is worth remembering that it is impossible to make money by visiting a casino. It can be an addition to leisure, a smile of fate, a temporary risk, but not a permanent income. Why? Because no matter how good and lucky you are, you will always lose in the end. In a casino game, there are far more losers than winners, so constant gambling, as a consequence, leads to constant losses. Worst of all, if you lose yourself in adrenaline, it is the worst addiction that blinds you. And when traveling, you also risk not returning home due to a lack of finances. So if you’re unsure of your self-control, stop and give up the idea of traveling on a junket tour.


Setting your own limits is a good habit. That way, you can try to stop at the right moment.

The first limit concerns cash. It’s safest to take only a certain amount with you on a trip or in an institution. Unfortunately, the danger increases at the moment of winning, because not many players decide to take it with them, but want to multiply it, which in the consequence usually leads to its loss.

Another limitation is related to time. Most casinos have no hours or windows, which contributes to losing, but you can set for yourself a certain time to play. There are also casinos that offer the personal introduction of restrictions, you just need to remind the manager that you would like to designate yourself a time limit to visit for safety, thereby saving your finances and ensuring only pleasant emotions from the junket tour.


When you start playing at a casino, it is best to contribute money that you can lose. Betting money to provide yourself with the hotel, food, and entertainment on a junket tour is not a good move. In such a situation, the losing player feels pressure and wants to redeem himself. This, unfortunately, leads to even more debt and huge losses. It is much better to use the money you wanted to spend on entertainment, alcohol and your own pleasures. The money is used – the pleasure is gained.


Another important task for a gambler on a junket tour is to find another pastime. It is not recommended to relax only with the help of gambling because after all you come to another country and there is a lot of new and exciting. A balance is needed so that one does not lose oneself in casino games. Gambling cannot be a cure for a bad mood. It is the same with sweets: overeating will eventually lead to obesity.

You can visit local attractions, check out entertainment centers, some clubs, go to the beach, if there is one in the country where you went to travel, learn the local history and culture by visiting famous places, there are dozens of activities that will be no less exciting.


Alcohol and gambling are very consonant, but people who want to gamble responsibly must give up one of these things. In gambling, it is important to have a clear mind and to take the following steps consciously. Too much alcohol obscures reality, allows you to go wild, lets your imagination run wild and lose all your money and possibly go to jail in another country. Think about it, if you are going on a junket tour just for drinking alcohol and casinos – stop it!


No matter how promising the junket tour may be for you, it is always worth remembering: before you start playing, take all measures so that you don’t regret what you’ve done. Follow the advice above and then your junket tour is sure to be a pleasant discovery for you, not a sad experience!

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