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Know The Roles: Mortuary vs. Funeral Home

Know The Roles

Did you know that 56% of people were cremated in 2020, a rise from previous years? Only 37% of people were buried. No matter which process the deceased asked for, the process begins at either a funeral home or a mortuary.

A mortuary and a funeral home both prepare the body for burial or cremation services. Both will perform preparation services with care, respect, and professionalism, so there’s no wrong choice in that regard. However, there are minute differences between the two roles.

If you’re making plans for your loved one, how do you know whether a funeral home or a mortuary is right for you? If you’ve ever wondered about the differences between a mortuary or a funeral home, read on to learn more.

Similarities Between the Roles

Both a funeral home and a mortuary will take care of the deceased before the ceremony. They care for and prepare the body. In addition, they’ll prepare and file the proper paperwork.

Overall, they get everything ready for the burial or cremation process. Where the two roles differ is in their treatment of the survivors. While both will perform preparation services with care and attention, it’s important to know the difference.

The Roles of a Funeral Home

Funeral homes are run by a funeral director. The funeral director is well able to prioritize the feelings of the survivors because they are trained in grief counseling.

You can consider a funeral home the full package, preparing the body and taking care of the loved ones. They’ll often organize the funeral or memorial service itself too. They will often assist with an obituary in the local paper as well.

They can offer catering, music, and other event planning for a funeral service. In addition, a funeral home can also assist with memorial products like caskets, urns, art, and other mementos.

Following the funeral, the funeral home will transport the casket either to the burial site or cremation facility.

The Roles of a Mortuary

Mortuary science is a specific degree, focusing on the scientific process of caring for a body after passing. Mortuary facilities don’t offer much beyond this process.

They won’t coordinate a funeral or memorial service beyond a viewing for family members. A funeral director is only involved sometimes, depending on the facility.

Of course, services offered may vary based on the specific mortuary. However, the services at a mortuary often cost less than a funeral home.

Following the preparation of the body and viewing service, the mortuary can cremate on-site or transport the body to the burial site.

Deciding Between the Roles

As you know, there is no wrong choice when it comes to funeral rites. Regardless of the decision you make, the proceedings will be professional and respectful. Now that you understand the roles of a funeral home and a mortuary, you can select the best choice for you and your family.

If you want a barebones, low-cost procedure, start looking for a mortuary. If you want the ability to plan a funeral ceremony or memorial service, a funeral home might be best for you.

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