Lakeside Dream Vacation: Where to go and what to pack!

Lakeside Dream Vacation: Where to go and what to pack!

When people start planning their summer vacations lake destinations often get completely ignored. Which is such a pity because spending some time lakeside during the summer is a refreshing and fantastic way to beat the summer heat! Not only can you cool off at a lake but there’s always a ton of fun summer activities to try from boating and kayaking to swimming and hiking.

Here are some tips on the best lakeside vacations to visit in the US and what you should pack so that you can have a great time. If you don’t have everything on our list, don’t worry! You can stock up on lakeside essentials at a budget-friendly retailer like Shein. Try searching for a Shein coupon code from this featured list and you can even enjoy a major discount on your next purchases!

Top 6 US Lake Destinations

There’s a great lake destination waiting for every budget and season!

1. Chelan, WA

Chelan is as great a summer getaway as a winter escape. During the summer months you’ll find this crystal clear lake filled with boats cruising the lake, while in the winter you can enjoy numerous winter activities such as snowshoeing, snowmobiling and cross country skiing.

2. Grand Haven, MI

Grand Haven is the place to be if you want to feel like you’re at the beach while on a lake. With the beach being only a mile away from the downtown area, you can enjoy both the beach and some city nightlife on the same day.

3. Lake Placid, NY

Best known as the home of the 1980 Winter Olympics, you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy a vacation at Lake Placid. The area is filled to the brim with amazing hiking trails and on the lake itself you can enjoy water sports such as boating, paddle boarding and even white water rafting!

4. Lake Tahoe, California

When you think about lakeside vacations, it’s hard to forget Lake Tahoe. Rent a lakeside cottage and enjoy adventurous outdoor activities like hiking or mountain biking around the Sierra Nevada mountains.

 5. Lake Superior, Minnesota

Did you know that Minnesota is known as the land of the 1000 lakes? Lake Superior is one of the US’s biggest lakes and it’s absolutely filled with amazing outdoor activities to try. Best of all, it’s a fisherman’s dream considering the lake hosts over 78 species of fish.

6. Do you want to visit Myrtle beach?

Myrtle Beach is a popular destination and tourist destination in South Carolina, USA. Myrtle Beach is located on the Indian River Lagoon, which is located in Bluff City, South Carolina. Myrtle Beach is most well-known for its surf fishing, world-class water sports, and various dining and nightlife establishments. This area of the US was often referred to as “The South’s American Resort”, due to the large number of activities that it offers its visitors. You can find excellent things to do in Myrtle Beach sc.

What to Pack for your Lakeside Vacation

You might be wondering, what should I wear on my next ladeside vacation? Vacationing at a lake is a little bit different than heading on a beach vacation, but if you follow these few tips, you’ll know just what to pack!

  • Bring proper sun protection

Did you know that you can get sunburned even on a cloudy day? Just because you’re not at the beach doesn’t mean you don’t need proper sun protection. Make sure to pack a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen to keep yourself protected.

  • Sundresses

Lakeside destinations are usually pretty casual, so make sure you pack a few cute sundresses to fit right in! Opt for a trendy style like a warp dress and you can head from the lake straight to a dinner date.

  • Denim cutoffs

Denim is extremely popular at the most famous lakeside vacation spots so make sure you bring your denim cutoffs with you. Bringing a regular pair of jeans wouldn’t hurt either since it can get chilly during the evening near lakes, even during summer.

  • Sneakers

Ditch the sandals and choose a pair of sneakers instead if you’re heading to the lake this summer. Many lakesides aren’t as smooth as the beach so you’ll want to keep your feel protected with a pair of summer sneakers.

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