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3 Questions to Ask Your Potential Landscaping Company

Are you ready to hire a landscaping company to spruce up your home’s exterior?

Planning a home renovation doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you have the right team in place, you’ll breeze through the process with ease.

Center the process around a few key questions. The right provider will be prepared to answer these questions. Additionally, you’ll be in the know regarding your outdoor renovation budget.

Are you ready to find a landscaper that fits the bill? Here are a few questions you should ask during the hiring process.

1. What Experience Does Your Company Have?

When searching for potential lawn care services, ask about the experience they have. Specifically, it is helpful to ask how many years they have been in business.

Also, find out if they have worked on residential and/or commercial landscaping projects. Ask what types of jobs they have completed, including project size and difficulty.

It is important to ask what certifications and/or accreditations the company has earned. Ask if they have any specialized knowledge or training and if they have a portfolio of work that you can review. Asking the right questions upfront helps ensure that the company you hire has the experience to complete the job that you envision.

2. What Services Do You Offer?

When evaluating potential landscaping companies, it’s important to ask about their full range of services. Ask questions such as, “What type of landscaping services do you provide?” and “Do you specialize in any particular type of landscaping design?”

You should also inquire if the company offers hardscaping services such as patios, walkways, and retaining walls. Or if they mainly focus on the vegetation aspect of landscaping.

You’ll want to know if they are capable of handling seasonal yard care such as lawn mowing, edging, leaf removal, and bed maintenance. Or if they are simply a design and installation company. Knowing what type of services they offer can help you determine whether they are a good fit for your project.

3. What is Your Pricing Structure?

Ask them about their pricing structure. Do they offer any discounts or specials that you may be able to take advantage of?

You should also ask how they determine the total cost of the job and whether there are any extra fees or taxes. Additionally, you should inquire about the payment methods they accept and if they require a deposit before work can begin.

Lastly, you should ask if any extra services are included in the initial quote or if there are any extra costs for specific materials or labor. Knowing the answers to these questions can help ensure you don’t pay more than you need to.

Contact a Landscaping Company Today

Questions are an important part of the process of hiring a landscaping company. Make sure to ask your potential company a variety of questions to ensure they are the right fit for the job.

Take the time to research your options and make sure you get the best company for the job. Contact a local landscaping expert today to discuss the details of your project!

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