Latest HUAWEI matebook 14s

Latest HUAWEI matebook 14s

In the name of HUAWEI matebook 14s, ‘S’ stand for speed because it’s extremely quick and very fast. Matebook 14s is a new flagship device from Huawei laptop running windows 11. It is got a new camera placement. So the camera is now at the top of the screen not underneath.

It is been fully redesigned and the screen is also beautiful 90 screen to body ratio and it is in that 3.2 ratios as well. The brightness level is also amazing. At 400 nits peak brightness, it’s a 90-hertz refresh rate panel. And it’s got two Rhineland certifications which mean low blue light which means you should be able to get to sleep at night.


In terms of hardware inside the laptop, it’s running an intel i7 laptop GPU that supports 47 watts of thermal design power. This means it can take a lot of heat and it supports intel’s Evo which means it supports Thunderbolt 4 as well as really quick wait times and charge speeds and Wifi 6.

The cool feature of HUAWEI matebook 14s

You know what makes this laptop cool is the fact that the fan size is increased by 16%. So 16% of the bigger fans simply means that it can actually run 25% cooler than the previous version.

The laptop also has 4 speakers built-in as well as two tweeters and two subwoofers.

Battery performance and charging capability

After buying this matebook you will find type c to type c cable of reasonable length. And you will see the superfast charger. This supercharger is 90 watts and it takes just 2 hours to fully charge the laptop.

The one thing about laptops is just like hoverboards they don’t run on water. You need power and when it comes to power you can actually get 13 hours of video playback continuously from this laptop on one charge.

If you are out of charge 15 minutes quick charge with the 90 watts charger will give you three hours of usage. So that is pretty awesome that is power and then the intel i7 and the solid-state drive and the RAM and all the stuff is to speed.

Some basic information

Of course part of the redesign is the keyboard. We have now got a bit more travel on those keys which is 1.5 mm travel. It is a very comfortable tactile keyboard. Nice feel to it and it’s not loud and pressing down here. There is no bounce, there is no flex it all and it is a backlit keyboard.

HUAWEI matebook 14s also contains a fingerprint reader in the power button. So that’s a good brand and works well. If you don’t want to enter in passwords you can use that and you do have the option to use the webcam as well for windows hello face unlocking. Which again does work very well.

The thickness of this one is 15 mm and the weight is just 1.4 kg. It means that the HUAWEI matebook 14s are very light and easily portable.

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