Learn Everything About Techymeters

Learn Everything About Techymeters

If you take a good hard look at the watches that are available in the market today, you will be surprised to know just how many features they have. Newer digital watches for example can allow you to take calls and send texts, they can control your cell phone and allow you to choose whatever music that you want to listen to, they can provide you a convenient way of using some of the more simple apps on your phone even when you are swimming, some watches can even do a very accurate EKG and measure your blood sugar levels.

Even though all of those features sound fancy, some of the more traditional watch lovers value more simple but equally impressive features. One of the more impressive traditional features that some of the best watches in the world have is the tachymeter. So what is a tachymeter? Basically, a tachymeter has a mechanism in place that converts the time elapsed that you set into distance traveled through a simple arithmetic. The most common watches that have this feature are obviously watches that have stopwatch and timer capabilities. Pilot chronograph watches also have tachymeters. Let’s go beyond the basics and talk about how you can really put this feature to good use if your watch has it.

Measure Speed

As mentioned earlier, a tachymeter works primarily for you to determine speed. Imagine if you are in a foreign country that uses the metric system and you want to know how fast your car is going in miles per hour, the tachymeter would really come in handy. Because there are often markings on the road that show the start of a mile, you can start your tachymeter at this juncture and stop it at the next marking. The time elapsed that is provided by the tachymeter on your watch can be considered your mph speed. This can also come in handy when it comes to racing if the car that you are using does not display mph.

Determine Distance

If you are driving on an open highway and you are able to maintain the speed that you are traveling at, a tachymeter can be a great way to determine when you will be arriving at your destination. In order for you to take full advantage of this benefit, you have to know that in order to measure time, you have to use the formula T=3600/t where T is time and t is the current velocity that you are traveling at. Let’s say you travel at 60 miles per hour and you want to calculate how long it takes to get to the next city which is 25 miles away using a tachymeter. Using the formula, you will know that it takes about 60 seconds to travel a single mile which means it will take you 1500 seconds to get to your destination

Of course in order for this calculation to be accurate, you cannot be driving on a road that has obstructions like traffic lights and tolls. This can only work if you maintain the t in your formula.

So as you probably know by now, the tachymeter may not be as high-tech as the features that some of newer digital watches have, but it is a feature that traditional watch lovers value nonetheless. The reason why people love something like a tachymeter is that it requires more traditional methods of engineering and is completely independent of the internet. A person who values this type of ingenuity is someone that knows that a tachymeter is the ideal tool for the watch collector with class!

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