List of trendy gaming laptops under $400

List of trendy gaming laptops under $400

Gaming is not about spending too much; you can easily find a laptop that can be low in price and best in features.

And these laptops can be very suitable when it comes to performance and some of their manufacturers didn’t compromise on the design too.

We always mention that your budget must be your priority and you must consider your budget before buying a laptop.

There are some specifications that you must compromise for and there are many specifications that cannot be compromised.

But the thing is your requirements, if your requirements are high then you must need some high specifications but if you have comparatively low requirements then a budget laptop is enough.

But in a budget laptop, we also have some things to very focus on. No matter you are using an expensive laptop or a budget laptop, performance always matters.

We have some of the gaming laptops that are best in their performance and the most popular ones but reasonable in price.

And we are going to discuss some of the specifications which can surely help you to choose the right one.

Make a budget first

So, as we mentioned above that budget is very important and you must be very clear about your budget and you must have it first.

Making a budget is not that difficult and you can easily make your budget just by considering your requirements.

By making the budget, you can easily have the best and under-budget laptops and these can be best in the specifications.

Asus VivoBook

The very first thing we must see in a laptop is durability and reliability of the laptop. And surprisingly, we have found it best when it comes to durability.

We can consider this laptop as a long-lasting gaming laptop and that’s something really impressive about this laptop.

As we see its price, we have found it very reasonable and affordable for almost everyone and you can easily pursue your gaming passion.

This laptop has comparatively the best processor named as intel i3-1005G1 that’s considered as the good processor and able to run the games on it.

When it comes to the graphics card, we have an Intel UHD graphics card that’s also a good option for a budget laptop.

RAM and storage are also very important. We have 8GB RAM and that is enough to run the modern games and run the games without any lag.

And we have 128GB storage space that is quite compromising for a gaming laptop but still, you can install one heavy game at a time.

Acer Aspire

Portability is also very important for a gaming laptop and we have seen this laptop as much portable according to the gaming laptops.

So, if your preference is portability then you must go for this laptop and enjoy your favorite games on it with lots of portability.

And the very important thing, many manufacturers strived for many years and make the best so, this one is also from the list of strived brands.

Some people see the design of a laptop before seeing its features and specifications so, we have the best design when it comes to this laptop.

The very main thing in a gaming laptop is its processor so, this laptop comes along with the AMD Ryzen 3 3200.

As it has comparatively the best CPU, we also have AMD Radeon Vega 3 Mobile graphics card and that is capable of running modern games.

As we discussed above that RAM and storage are also very much important so, we have 4GB RAM which is quite compromising.

And for storage, we have 128GB which is again a compromising option but we can say that this is not that much worse.

Acer Nitro

Some people love to play on a laptop that has comparatively slim bezels and that is something really attractive for a gaming laptop.

But not only slimness, but we must also see some other specifications that are very important and must be focused too.

Whenever we talk about the Acer laptops, we are ultimately talking about something which has durability and reliability.

So, if you want to buy a gaming laptop that can be long-lasting and the best in performance then you must go for this laptop.

As we talked about the importance of specifications then we must need to know about the specifications of this laptop.

In this laptop, we have an Intel Core i5-9300H processor and it can run almost all the modern games without any lag.

And when it comes to the graphics card or we can say that GPU then this laptop comes along with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650.

Then it comes to the RAM and storage so, we have seen the RAM of 8GB and that is the quite best option for a gaming laptop.

And when we see the storage, we have the 256GB available space in this laptop which is not so much impressive but still a good choice.

Wrap up

So, having a gaming laptop is not that necessary unless your requirements are not so high. But if you have heavy requirements then you must have a gaming laptop.

And gaming is not all about just spending on a laptop without considering its pros and cons so, you must be very clear about what you are going to buy.

The most important thing is to stay on a budget while buying a gaming laptop and many laptops are under budget and affordable.

So, we have some of the best laptops that are affordable and reasonable in price and we have discussed their specifications too.

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