Looking For a Kettle? How About a Delonghi!

Delonghi started in Italy several decades ago and managed to become a global brand that produces a wide range of appliances. Their popularity came mostly from their product design but you rarely go wrong by choosing any of their kettles as they work flawlessly. The Delonghi kitchen kettle site showcases some gorgeously looking models but there are also a few modern ones. It is a matter of personal preference but you should also factor in several aspects when choosing a particular model.

  1. Capacity

There are around 10 models which can be found on While they may appear identical in pictures, their capacity is not. Delonghi makes either 1 liter or 1.7-liter kettles. There is no mode with a larger capacity than that. If you want a Delonghi kettle, you need to choose between the two. What you will notice is that they make the same model in either 1 liter or 1.7-liter capacity thus you will surely find one that you like, regardless of which of the two capacities you want to get.

  1. Modern or Vintage?

There are two design choices. You can get a more modern model such as the Icona Café Gooseneck kettle or the Distina X Metal kettle or a vintage model such as the Icona Vintage series of kettles. Delonghi marks their models as Distina for the modern ones and Icona Vintage for the classic ones. Both have the same feature and are just as reliable. The Icona Café Gooseneck is the only exception as it has a few extra features. It has 5 different temperature settings and a warming function. For this reason, it is also the most expensive model that Delonghi makes.

  1. Color

Color is more of a personal choice but it would not hurt to factor this in. Try to imagine how it would look on your countertop and if a certain color fits better than a different one. In either case, you should avoid getting a kettle that is the exact same color as your kitchen furniture. It will just get lost in the background. You should get a contrasting color so that it stands out a bit.

  1. Price Tag

You also need to consider your budget when looking at Delonghi kettles. There are cheaper and more expensive models. The Icona Café Gooseneck kettle is the most expensive one despite having a smaller 1-liter capacity. It is just under S$200. If you want to spend less, you can at the Argento Flora kettle. It is a 1.7-liter model. You can also get an Icona Vintage kettle with a 1 liter capacity for around S$129.

Whichever model you get, you know that you are getting a Delonghi. Even their cheaper products are known to be reliable. The Delonghi kitchen kettle site does not list all their models but there are enough to choose from. What is important is to choose a model out of the ones available that you truly like. They are beautifully made and can even be considered decorative elements in a kitchen.

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