Lovers of Fish: Best Fish to Mount on Your Wall

Best Fish to Mount on Your Wall

Fishing is an American pastime that everybody loves. It’s a simple enough activity that almost anyone can do it. But some people want to take it to a new level.

Fishing, much like hunting, has its own rewards. For some, fishing is a much more thrilling experience because they never know what they’re going to catch. However, trophy fish can also cement you as a fishing legend among millions of fishing hobbyists out there. Here are some of the best trophy fish out there and how to catch them.

Blue Marlin

You can’t call yourself a fisherman if you haven’t at least tried to catch a blue marlin once in your life. The blue marlin is one of the most beautiful species of fish out there that can grow pretty big, between 80 and 300 pounds. But some grow to a much more staggering size, around 1,600 pounds. Those are the most coveted ones and the ones that are considered to be the real trophy fish.

Where to Fish?

Blue marlin can be caught in the Atlantic ocean. There are also some in the Bahamas, Gulf of Mexico, and in the Caribbean sea. So the closest fishing spot for blue marlins in the U.S. is Florida. They even offer fishing trips to many anglers out there who want to get a chance to catch this monster fish.

How to Catch a Blue Marlin?

Catching a blue marlin, specifically a big one, requires you to purchase one of the best heavy-duty rods in the market. It also requires a lot of experience in fishing and patience. You’re going to wait for hours before you can get a bite and hours more once you get a bite. It’s going to test your endurance and your stamina because this is one of the game fish out there that can snap your line in mere minutes if you’re impatient.

However, it’s truly rewarding once you get one into your boat because no other game fish out there comes close. As we stated earlier, catching this monstrous fish requires some experience. If you’re an amateur angler, consider catching a salmon first. A king salmon, to be precise.

King Salmon

King salmon is a great game fish and a good fish to consume as well. So many people want to mount this into their wall, and even amateurs have the chance of catching it, given that they at least know how to use a starter rod.

This kind of salmon is much smaller than the monster we mentioned above, with the average size of the species being around 58 inches. But some king salmon can weigh around 100 pounds, making them a great fish to mount on your wall.

Where to Fish?

Thankfully, King salmon and all other species of salmon can be caught all over the U.S. But one of the best places to catch them is in Alaska, so consider going on all-inclusive vacation because they usually offer salmon fishing as one of their activities. It will also streamline the process you need to do to visit Alaska, considering the pandemic and all.

How to Catch a King Salmon?

You can practice catching a salmon in Washington, where salmon are much smaller. Then, once you’re ready for the real deal, visit Alaska to get yourself a 100-pound king salmon.

King salmon love anchovies, so prepare those as your bait. It’s always important to be patient, but if you trust your rod and your skills, there’s no way a king salmon can break your line. It’s a good starter fish to show off to your fishing buddies and the usual rite of passage for many anglers out there.


Sailfish is considered the golden standard for expert anglers out there, and there are only a few that caught one in their lives. The average weight is around 220 pounds, and the biggest can rival the blue marlins in the sea. However, what makes them so hard to catch is their speed. They clock in around 110 kilometers per hour when out in the open sea, faster than any shipping boat out there or even a speed boat.

Where to Fish?

Sailfish can be caught in Florida and Mexico. They particularly love the waters there and enjoy the many small fish they can consume there. However, the biggest sailfish can be caught on the coast of Florida, a prime destination for many experienced anglers.

How to Catch a Sailfish?

Catching a sailfish is no easy task, and it could easily be the hardest fish to catch on this list. Once again, you’re going to need a heavy-duty rod and a lot of patience. They love live bait like herring and blue runners, so consider those as your bait. It might take hours before you get a bite, but slowly reel them in and tire them out once you do. They don’t have a lot of stamina, so make sure to take advantage of that when you’re reeling them in.

These are three wonderful game fish for anglers that have different experience levels. We suggest that you start with a king salmon and move your way to blue marlin and eventually a sailfish. Once you get these fish mounted on your wall, many will consider you one of the best anglers out there.

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