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4 Reasons You Need a Luxury Refrigerator in Your Kitchen

Did you know that every year, over 8 million refrigerators get sold in the U.S. alone?

Refrigerators, after all, are fundamental to food preservation and, thus, safe eating. Without these appliances, food spoils much faster, resulting in significant waste. Eating spoiled food is also a health hazard, as it can cause poisoning.

So, it’s no wonder almost all U.S. households have at least one fridge. Some 35 million even have two at home. Another 6 million have three or more!

Some of those households, especially higher-income ones, have at least one luxury refrigerator. These high-end models cost several times more than a standard one, but for many good reasons.

So in this guide, we’ve outlined all the reasons that make a luxury refrigerator worth it. Read on to learn what they are and why their price is worth paying for.

1. Advanced Refrigerator Features and Technologies

Luxurious types of refrigerators boast ample space of at least 25 cubic feet. That’s more than enough for a family of four, considering each person needs about 4 to 6 cubic feet of storage.

However, without advanced refrigeration technology, all that space may suffer from inefficient cooling. That’s not a problem with high-end refrigerators, which come equipped with the following:

Dual Compressors

A refrigerator compressor is a motorized pump that moves refrigerants through the system.

Refrigerants are chemicals that make it possible to cool refrigerator interiors. So without the help of a compressor, a refrigerator/freezer won’t be able to cool.

Standard refrigerator/freezer units often only have one compressor. However, luxury models have two, letting them regulate fridge and freezer climates better. These separate compressors also help keep odors and tastes from moving between compartments.

Dual Evaporators

A refrigerator evaporator is a set of metal pipes responsible for cooling refrigerants. So, just like a compressor, it’s a vital component in proper fridge/freezer climates. Without this, humidity levels inside the appliance will skyrocket.

Left uncontrolled, interior fridge humidity can cause components to frost up. High moisture levels also promote mold growth, causing foul odors and food to go bad faster.

Typical refrigerators only have a single evaporator.

Premium models boast two. Thus, they’re much more efficient in regulating humidity levels. As a result, they’re better at preventing frost and mold, and they also help prolong food lifespan.

Granular Temperature Control

Bacteria grow fastest between 40 and 140 °F, doubling in about 20 minutes. This range is what you call the “Danger Zone.” Your fridge must always stay out of that zone to prevent food spoilage and poisoning.

All refrigerators have controls that let you set the temperature under 40 degrees. However, most standard models only allow you to adjust them in 2 or 3-degree increments. That may seem okay, but it can already cause a significant rise in the fridge’s energy consumption.

Fortunately, luxury refrigerators offer granular temperature control. This feature enables you to adjust the temperature by 1-degree increments. That keeps the fridge energy-efficient and prevents its interiors from getting too warm.

Separate Temperature Drawer Controls

Some luxury fridge models have temperature controls for each drawer. That’s nifty, as it lets you set the temperature most appropriate for the food you’ll place in each drawer.

For example, you can set the temp in one drawer at 32 to 36 °F and keep fresh fruits and veggies in it. Then, you can adjust another drawer’s control to 38 °F for cheeses.

Filtered Water and Ice Dispensers

The Environmental Protection Agency regulates over 90 contaminants that may pollute tap water. However, there are over 160 other pollutants it doesn’t restrict. That’s why water filtration is now a must for many U.S. households.

The good news is that many luxury refrigerators have built-in filtration systems. They trap and neutralize many toxins that may be in your drinking water supply. So, they let you enjoy filtered water and ice through their dispensers.

Ethylene Gas Filters

Ethylene gas is a plant hormone that speeds up fruit and vegetable respiration. It causes these food products to mature. However, left uncontrolled, it can lead to overripening and spoilage.

The ethylene gas emitted by maturing fruits and veggies can affect other foods. As a result, the other produce near them can also ripen faster.

That’s why many luxury refrigerators now also feature ethylene gas filters. These devices help absorb the gas, reducing its levels inside the fridge.

Intelligent Features

Many luxury refrigerators are smart devices that connect to the internet. You can access their intelligent features through a touchscreen panel.

One example of an intelligent feature is a fridge’s ability to look up recipes online. It can even “read” the steps aloud while you cook.

Some models also let you create grocery lists that you can sync to your smartphone in real-time. They may also give you the option to set expiration dates. Likewise, they may send you text reminders about items about to expire.

Many innovative fridge models also come with diagnostic tools built into their apps. You can use these to troubleshoot issues involving humidity and temperature levels. You can also use the fridge’s app to control it remotely.

2. Looks Incredible

Luxury kitchen appliances, including high-end refrigerators, sport professional-grade designs. A good enough reason is that their frames and surfaces boast stainless steel.

Premium refrigerators are tall, sleek, and shiny. Their compressors also usually sit at the very top.

Some, including several True Residential refrigerator models, even feature glass doors. Aside from looking fabulous, refrigerators with glass doors are also more energy efficient. After all, you can see their contents without opening the fridge doors.

Remember: The more often you open your fridge, the more energy it consumes.

Luxury refrigerators also come in various styles, like French doors and side-by-side. Some have a traditional separate freezer at the top, while others have it at the bottom.

You can also choose between a free-standing and a built-in luxury fridge. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, consider the latter for a more streamlined look. For example, you can encase a built-in fridge inside a cabinet.

3. Impressive Energy Efficiency

Many luxury refrigerators have ENERGY STAR certification.

ENERGY STAR is a program run and overseen by the U.S. EPA and Department of Energy. It exists to promote energy efficiency and help consumers reduce energy bills. And to do that, it certifies products by assessing their energy efficiency.

Products that feature the ENERGY STAR label are more energy-efficient than comparable products. For example, an ENERGY STAR refrigerator can be up to 9% more efficient than a non-ENERGY STAR one.

So, even with all the extra features, luxury fridges are still better than older models. For instance, their compressors and motors generate less heat and consume less energy. They also have high-grade insulation to help keep cold air inside and warm air outside.

Another reason luxury fridges are more energy efficient is because they use LED. LED stands for “light emitting diode.”

LED technology uses about 75% less energy. It also lasts at least 25 times longer than incandescent lighting.

The savings you get with an energy-efficient fridge is only a bonus. What’s more important is that it lets you reduce your carbon footprint. And the more energy-efficient appliances you have, the fewer carbon gases you emit.

Reducing your carbon footprint can then help you become eco-friendlier and more sustainable.

4. Longer Life Span

The average refrigerator can last 8 to 15 years. That may seem a good deal, but luxury refrigerators last even longer. So you can expect up to 20 years (or even more) of life out of these premium appliances.

One reason luxury fridge models last so long is their superior materials. Remember, they feature stainless steel, which outlasts plastic. Plastic, in turn, is more common in lower-end refrigerators.

The improved energy efficiency of luxury refrigerators also contributes to their longer life. That’s because they produce less heat and use less energy, so they’re less prone to overheating. Overheating is a common cause of premature failure in refrigerator motors.

Another factor is the intelligent diagnostic features of luxury refrigerators. With these, you can immediately troubleshoot and fix issues before they worsen. And if you can’t DIY it, you can always rely on expert technicians for the repairs.

Speaking of repairs, these are often free for the first several years you own a premium fridge. That’s thanks to their extended warranty, usually lasting up to 10 years.

On the other hand, non-luxury models only have warranties of 1 to 5 years. After that, you have to pay for the repairs out of your pocket.

Consider Investing in a Luxury Refrigerator

Remember: A luxury refrigerator can cost about $20,000, but some have price tags of just $1,500.

Thus, you can still get a lower-priced, high-end fridge even on a budget. They’re worth it, considering all their features, longer life, and impressive energy efficiency. Even if you have to pay far more for one, it’ll last much longer anyway.

So, why not start shopping for a luxury fridge as early as today?

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