Mail Services: What Service Is Better to Create a Mailbox on?

Mail Services: What Service Is Better to Create a Mailbox on?

Nowadays, there is a large selection of mailing services available to users online. Some people prefer to have several mailboxes on different services, and it’s OK. If you decide to create a new mailbox, this guide will come in handy.

1)   Outlook

Outlook has a great interface with large empty spaces — it is pleasant to work in, and it feels pleasant. At the same time, important active buttons to other Microsoft services have been preserved: to check the calendar or documents, you do not need to make unnecessary actions. Outlook has a desktop version, which is a Microsoft service and comes preinstalled on Windows computers, or you can find it in the Microsoft Store. It also offers 15 GB for mail storage, and 5 GB for cloud storage for any files. Meanwhile, if you decide to export Gmail emails to Outlook, you can use a handy tool by following the link.

2)   Gmail

The most radical feature that distinguishes Gmail from other emails is its smart sorting system. Thanks to it, important emails are not lost among promotional mailings. In general, it is easier to work with mail — it is clearly structured. Gmail can also sort emails from one sender into different tabs. With Gmail, you get access to the entire Google ecosystem: Calendar, Drive, Documents. You don’t really need Gmail to use these products, but it has it all in one place and often helps.

3)   Yahoo Mail

Yahoo doesn’t have a mature ecosystem like the services above. There are still standard features like calendar and notes, but no online calls, free storage, and documents. If you rarely work in documents and call up via Zoom or Skype, then Yahoo will be perfect for you. There is nothing superfluous in the interface. Moreover, Yahoo gives 1 TB of storage space for letters.

4)   AOL mail

AOL is a free email service similar to Yahoo. It is interesting for its minimalistic interface. When you work in Gmail or other mailers, the feeling of a mess of letters in a mailbox and junk of buttons does not leave. Here, the elements are separated by white space, and not very popular functions are hidden. There is no ecosystem in this mailer, only a calendar, and a To-Do list.

​​What service should you choose?

For everyday use, Yahoo and AOL work well. These mailers are the standard of minimalism. They are very similar, but Yahoo has a small plus — the ability to change the display into two areas. If this is critical for you, choose Yahoo. If you need a calendar integrated into the mail, online calls, documents, and storage, you cannot do without giant email services with a developed ecosystem — Gmail or Outlook. What to choose among them is still a task.

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