Major Advantages of Choosing Serverwala to Buy Dedicated Server in Brazil


The web businesses which aim to expand over the Internet and acquire greater success require a robust network, independent hosting platform and higher security. The dedicated server Brazil renders the apt hosting facilities needed to develop your business and generate maximum profits. However, you must find the best Brazil dedicated server hosting provider who can let you enjoy the dedicated server’s privileges and offer the ideal services. Here we will introduce you to one such renowned hosting provider that can help your web business advance and acquire the required hosting resources – Serverwala. Let’s get started by addressing first why you must pick a dedicated server in Brazil for your web business. 

Why Choose a Dedicated Server in Brazil for Business?

The dedicated server Brazil comes up with the hosting service that enables you to have the entire server for your business website. You will have all the server resources functioning dedicatedly for your website. Your website will have a private and secure hosting environment. Unlike in shared server hosting, no one can interfere in your website processes or share your server space without your consent. The dedicated server Brasil provides better security to your website data against all the security threats such as malware, hacking, etc. It further permits you to add more security layers to strengthen your web business security. It also allows you to scale resources according to the website requirements. 

When a business reaches a stage where it begins acquiring considerable traffic volume, you need to provide it with an independent hosting environment, high scalability and security. Thus, the dedicated server hosting Brazil provides all of these and helps your business website extend its reach and manage the high workload. Hence, Brazil dedicated servers serve as an ideal option to host business websites. 

Dive into the next section to know about the additional advantages offered by the Serverwala dedicated server Brazil. 

Advantages of Using Serverwala Brazil Based Dedicated Server 

The Serverwala is one of the leading hosting providers which offers the best-dedicated server in Brazil. It has acquired recognition through various awards, which speak for its commitment to render quality services with the most affordable hosting services. Following mentioned are some of the significant benefits provided by the Serverwala dedicated server Brazil services – 

  • Value for money

With the Serverwala best-dedicated server in Brazil, you get value for your money. All the facilities and services provided by the company with the dedicated server Brazil are worth all costs. Moreover, the company offers the cheapest dedicated server Brazil that helps to save your pocket money. Thus, you get the possibility to invest in other areas of your website to develop your business horizon.

  • SSH Root Control

The Serverwala bare metal dedicated server Brazil lets you have full control of your server. The root access to the dedicated server makes it easier for you to configure your server the way it suits your website. You can install any operating system that works the best for your web business and supports the maximum of applications you would want to run on your website. Furthermore, the SSH root control will also permit you to customize the server settings. You will be able to add and modify the applications for your website. 

  • Enterprise-grade hardware

The Serverwala company offers the top tier equipment. Buying a dedicated server Brazil from Serverwala will let you have a compelling blend of hardware tools, including RAM, colossal storage, and Intel Core processor. With such potent equipment, the company ensures to provide outstanding hosting services for your website.  

  • 24/7 customer and technical support 

With the company’s dedicated server in Brazil, you will acquire 24/7 technical assistance from certified, experienced professionals that renders expert solutions to all your server-related issues in the minimum time possible. On the other side, Serverwala provides round-the-clock customer support via various communication modes – Whatsapp, Skype, Phone Call, E-mail, Live chat. You can connect with them anytime to ask about your inquiries and acquire more information. 

  • Premium network

The Serverwala dedicated server Brazil provides seamless performance under a premium and secure network connection. It helps to improve your website load time. Your business website will operate at a twenty times faster speed with intensified security and reliability. It can experience the premium bandwidth from 100 Mb/s to GBPS. Your business website will serve optimal performance and higher productivity. 

  • Upfront charges 

The Serverwala dedicated server Brazil renders the upfront charges; that is, you will achieve transparency in the server costs offered by the company. The company provides you easy access to the complete billing system through the dashboard to let you know the entire and clear charges of dedicated server hosting services you will get.

Serverwala – Choose the best Dedicated Server in Brazil with Cheap Plans  

The Serverwala company offers a wide range of plans and packages of the best-dedicated server in Brazil. It provides flexible plans to fulfill your business needs and the apt resources. You can easily scale them whenever your business website requires additional resources or facilities. You can have the customized packages at reasonable prices. You can acquire one IPv4 and IPv6 address with the bare metal dedicated server Brazil. Moreover, you can buy more IPs at an add-on cost. 

The Serverwala bare metal Brazil dedicated servers support RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10 and also help to create private server clusters employing the 10Gbps virtual LAN subnets. With all the dedicated server Brazil plans and packages, your website can achieve robust network connectivity combined among the multiple Internet Exchanges, including Extreme-IX – Bandwidth, Extreme-IX, DE-CIX, NIXI, from industry-leading service providers.


You have the option to pick either unmanaged or managed dedicated server Brazil from the company’ hosting services. If you want to run and control the entire server on your own and also possess the technical expertise to do so, you can opt for the unmanaged dedicated server hosting service. Whereas, if you do not have the technical knowledge or do not have enough time to maintain and manage your dedicated server Brazil, then the managed dedicated server hosting will serve your web business the best. In the managed dedicated server hosting, everything from configuring, upgrading, maintaining to securing your server will be dealt with by the Serverwala professional team. You will not have to worry about any issue that may happen with your server. The company also renders the 24/7 monitoring service to provide the necessary service to the dedicated server in case of emergencies. 

Browse the Serverwala official website to know more about its best and cheap dedicated server Brazil services and facilities –

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