Make the most of the long nights

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As winter approaches, the nights get longer, and the clocks will go back. For many, this is a difficult time of year. However, with less daylight to enjoy, there is a feeling of wanting to be more active during the day.

Winter is always full of festive occasions and things to do. Whether it’s a Christmas get-together, a New Year celebration, or just a family meal with friends, these events are the perfect opportunity to start that new project you’ve always wanted to try.

How can you make the most of the longer evenings?

1) Film night

Get the family together for a film night. It doesn’t have to be a big production or very sophisticated but having a relaxed evening to watch a movie will be fun for everyone. Allow time for discussion and questions after the film – your kids will love bringing up any bits of it that confused them or things they didn’t understand.

If you have trouble agreeing on which film to watch, get everyone to write down their choice. Then draw the name of the movie you will watch from a hat.

2) Card Night

Have a night in with your friends, family, or workmates. Invite each person who would like to have a card night with you. You will be surprised at the number of people who turn up and intend to have fun. Choose one or two games that everyone can play, so everyone doesn’t feel left out. Alternatively, you can get your mates to join you online to play real money online blackjack.

3) Book Club

You can use long winter nights to tackle a new book if you have a book club. Then, if the kids are old enough, you could have a night’s reading with them.

4) Bonfire party

Get everyone involved and get your bonfire party planned. Invite friends from the neighborhood and host a bonfire party in your very own back garden. Keep it simple. Make some hot chocolate, invite friends, and toast marshmallows or s’mores around the fire.

5) Game night

If you have a Wii, xbox360, or a good old-school computer, then there will be enough people willing to get together and play.

6) Make your own movie

You can plan an evening to make your own movie. Get all the family involved – great fun for everyone, and who knows? It may even end up being the latest viral video.

7) Christmas sing-a-longs

Get everyone singing together in the car on the way to church or shopping. Sing along to Christmas carols and laugh at anyone who doesn’t know the words! Then, sit back and enjoy this popular tradition.

The dark days are getting longer, and many people will start planning their Christmas get-togethers in the next few months, so don’t wait to start those festive traditions with your friends and family.

Remember, the coming months are an excellent time to bond with your friends, family, and co-workers. Not only will you enjoy these events more than ever, but you’ll also be laughing at all the funny Christmas videos that pop up on your Facebook feed! No matter what you do in the wintertime, have fun.

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