Marketing trends for the music industry

Why should you attend the Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival?

Emphasize in the track those elements that seem important and cool to you. Do not forget that now the world is oversaturated with music – many listen to unknown authors with rewind or only 20-30 seconds from the track.

It is important to hook the listener right away. This does not apply, for example, to ambient, but I think the essence is clear – the “main feature” of the track must be shown from the first bars or emphasized on this in the composition of the track.

Subscribe to Important Emails and Channels

Follow not only new music in genre audiences, but also the general state of the industry. It is useful to know what is happening around: who holds big festivals and where, when there will be city holidays, what is written in the blogs of music corporations, what creative competitions are organized. Chat and write letters to people who seem interesting to you. Check out Beethoven piano pieces collection.

Ask friends to listen to your music on streaming services

Or at least like your artist profile. It won’t make any money (unless you have 100k friends), but it will tell the algorithms that it’s worth showing the music to someone else with similar interests. As you get the friend involved in this strategy, then you can buy SoundCloud plays from the trusted source so you can get organic recognition from the algorithm.

Publish your album to databases and streaming services

For example, you could list a release on Discogs, the largest text-based music catalog with over five million pages. Make edits on the pages of your releases on Last.FM. Yes, in 2021 this site is much less popular than in the old days, but it has a good citation rate – many blogs take information from there.

You need to run one social network with near-musical content

The toughest advice ever. We do not do it ourselves, but we realize that we need to. Show part of your life. What kind of person are you? How do the members of the group live? What inspires you and what you don’t like. People around, trips, hobbies, stories, backstage, humor, everyday life. For this, for example, photo content on Instagram is suitable. Or short videos on TikTok.

Music streaming at the top level

You need to understand the consistency in a different way. Keep in mind that the algorithms of the platforms like YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud work in a different way. Consistency is something that is granted from the algorithm. If you want to stay on top of the algorithm, then you should post track (upload) on time. We mean that you should have a particular schedule in your calendar for the tracks. Yes, you may work on an album and it would be good to take a little break. The only thing to do this time is to let fans know about the album progress. By this way, algorithms will also understand that you are working on a big thing and they will not shadow your page. Consistently uploading tracks means a lot to the algorithm.

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