Meet spring: top 5 best procedures

Meet spring

Winter has already left. Women are happy to change warm voluminous down jackets to elegant raincoats and coats, and sweaters to blouses with an open neck. April is a great month to update your wardrobe, take care of exposed body parts, restore your facial skin with skin care products after the exhausting hot air of air conditioners and heating. Another good reason to visit a cosmetologist for pleasant procedures is the period of vitamin deficiency, which comes with spring and is not reflected in the best way on appearance.

Let’s talk about which cosmetic procedures are the most popular in April, which shows the best results in the shortest time, which methods are most effective in spring and on the eve of summer.

Face: restore and saturate

The beginning of spring always brings with it a feeling of rebirth. Especially for those who frankly do not like winter and have a hard time psychologically going through this season. A visit to cosmetology procedures is a great way for women to lift their spirits and prepare for spring physically and emotionally.

In the first place, of course, care for the face. During the winter, the immunity of the skin significantly decreased, which, due to constant hypothermia, the contrast between room and street temperature, and due to many other winter reasons, is experiencing far from its best times. Cosmetologists often state that even in February, the skin of many clients looked better than in March. So, task No. 1 is to polish, awaken, restore, and saturate the skin during cosmetology procedures, and only then rejuvenate it.

No. 1 from the top-5 list: acids, peelings, exfoliation

There are many options for this. Manual methods, hardware grinding, soft non-aggressive all-season peelings, fruit and enzyme peelings, massages, etc. – there are enough possibilities in the cosmetology office.

April marks a big fat point in the autumn-winter period of serious “adult” chemical peels, especially middle and surface-middle peels. Therefore, mechanical exfoliation takes first place. Diamond microdermabrasion procedures, hydrodermabrasion, manual methods – what every specialist prefers.

Thalassotherapy sessions are quite effectively combined with such works. 20-30 minutes of intensive algae treatments work great on exfoliated skin. Open pores, extract toxins, saturate with trace elements. A fresh, tender, pink face is a great incentive even for those who do not feel particularly excited about the smell of seaweed, figuratively speaking.

And the third stage of such cosmetology sessions is to saturate the epidermis with active extracts and active ingredients. The products of many cosmetic brands are usually excellent friends with each other. A mixture of 2-3 masks with the addition of various boosters, oily herbal extracts, vitamins, etc. will provide the skin with the most necessary and useful substances.

No. 2 from the top-5 list: neckline and hands

The end of March and the beginning of April is the right time to start a course of cosmetic restorative procedures for the décolletage and hands. How quickly these areas age, lose elasticity, and become covered with age-related pigment spots is neither a secret nor news.

Acid masks, soft body scrubs are probably one of the best ways to polish them. Diamond microdermabrasion can be too harsh and aggressive for these areas – it all depends on their condition in each specific case.

After them – nourishing masks. It is convenient to cover them with wrapping film – the effect will increase, and the feeling of comfort will be added. And the final stage – massages. From a technical point of view, vacuum massages of the décolleté have proven to be quite effective – and it is better to use a vacuum ball nozzle for this. And thanks to the oils that are part of the cosmetology nutritional mixtures, it is easy to perform such a massage on them. Residues of the product are either injected into the skin in a nutritious way, or removed with napkins.

Handles are a similar scheme. Exfoliation, nutrients, paraffin therapy or cold paraffin, gloves and insulation. It is better to carry out such programs in courses – it is difficult to restore skin that has become rough during the winter in one or two procedures.

No. 3 from the top 5 list: facial vacuum

If we have already touched on the topic of vacuum, we will put vacuum facial massage in the 3rd place in the list of top-5 spring cosmetology procedures. Few methods compare to it in effectiveness for correcting the oval of the face, chin line, cheekbones, wrinkles and folds on the forehead. An effective and physiologically safe method, the best option for toning the skin, increasing its turgor and elasticity.

It is a vacuum to work on the “bulldog cheeks” that appeared over the winter and the chin, which has clearly “gained weight” over the winter months, to tighten the weakened muscles of the face and restore its tone and elasticity. It works especially effectively with the deforming type of aging, as well as with the type of tired face. Finely wrinkled type of aging is a separate story, the main thing there is early prevention.

In such restorative cosmetology programs, it is good to combine work on the face with treatment of the décolletage area. This saves customers’ time, increases the significance and saturation of visits to a cosmetologist. And before the onset of warm days, a woman will come as prepared as possible.

No. 4 from the top-5 list: pressotherapy

Spring is not only about blouses with a large neckline, showing the well-groomed skin of the neckline and neck, but also skirts. And skirts are thin tights and slender legs. Cellulite, the scourge of modern humanity, blooms with lush bloom during the winter. The period of lockdown and the related closing of swimming pools, fitness halls, and sports halls minimizes the opportunity to take care of the slimness of the body and toned muscles.

In the arsenal of cosmetologists, there are many effective methods for treating the body. Here, of course, massages come first, especially lymphatic drainage techniques. If manual techniques are the main specialization for massage therapists and body specialists, cosmetologists can actively use hardware methods.

The leader in lymphatic drainage effect is pressotherapy. The maximum result with minimum costs and zero efforts of the cosmetologists themselves. Dispel stagnant lymph, remove congestion, do gymnastics for veins, prepare the body for other cosmetology hardware methods.

No. 5 from the top 5 list: the body

Complex treatment of the body is a separate top procedure. Myostimulation, vacuum massage, ultrasonic cavitation, and RF-lifting are the clear leaders here. It is very convenient when the handpiece of the cosmetology combiner combines 2 options – for example, RF lifting and cavitation, RF lifting and vacuum massage.

The presence of such equipment in the office of a cosmetologist and a body specialist significantly increases the effectiveness of the procedures. RF-lifting when working with the body shows quite convincing results – in addition, there are no contraindications and possible disadvantages, as when working with the face.

Vacuum massage and myostimulation are probably the 2 most favorite procedures of cosmetologists and their clients. Bright and quick results are their calling card. And the appearance of the thermovacuum significantly reduced the occurrence of painful sensations during the procedure and made it attractive even for those clients who do not like, do not want and cannot tolerate pain.

If you start at the very beginning of April, you can still do a lot before the bright spring begins. A month is at least 8-10 rich cosmetology procedures. And by summer, visitors to beauty salons and cosmetologists’ offices will arrive as well prepared as possible, with toned bodies and well-groomed beautiful faces.

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