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5 Engagement Ring Styles That Are In Trend In 2022

Men’s earrings have been around forever. Just like ladies’ men can use these tiny jewels to reflect one’s personality in whatever way they choose. While frowned upon in recent decades, with schools and places of service still forcing men to leave their studs at home, earrings have been worn by the male gender for a long time, even signifying those who must be kept from ‘dangerous works‘ due to having a family to feed in 15th-century Russia and Ukraine. Let’s have a look at the different types of styles.


The humble stud is the beginning for most when getting lobes accustomed to jewels. Studs are very common and come in multiple colors, which can be a simple, elegant way to reflect one’s personality. Most studs are fairly easy to pull off in formal situations. Even small diamonds look professional on a well-groomed man. That is not to say the stud limits your flamboyance. A quick search can locate small, simple symbols in stud forms such as stars, yin yang, and bright colored balls if that is what you are searching for to reflect your personality.


Hoops are an excellent choice provided you can pull them off, you are likely more rogue than the average man, or you just love being more alternative. Hoops are usually less formative, coming in multiple color and material schemes. Hoops can be very prevalent in professional situations, making them far more suited to special occasions or social interactions. Consider Huggies if you refuse to hang your hoops up for that crucial business meeting. These smaller hoops sit closer to your earlobe, creating a far more refined look and adding to your sharp business exterior.


Hanging ear jewels are not for the faint-hearted, you are a jack sparrow fanatic, and you know it. Hanging mens earrings are worn by the more fashion-forward gentlemen. Aesthetics are your high priority, and being noticed is just part and parcel. Men’s hanging earrings come in many variations, such as feathers, symbols, logos, letters, and far more than you can imagine. If you have what it takes to pull off this versatile style, the world is your oyster and terms of what you want.

Tunnels and Plugs

One of the oldest ways to glamour up your ear lobes, tunnels have been around since ancient Egypt Tutankhamun himself is believed to have had 10mm tunnels which are present on his golden death mask. The style of a pharaoh is a bold look and, if done properly, is not anywhere near as painful as most would have you think. Most tunnel sizes start from 1mm up to 10mm, but I am sure you have seen people who have gone beyond the 10mm mark. If the hollowed-out tunnels are not for you, the option to plug that hole is always there. Plugs look a touch more professional as they take away the outrageous tunnel, likely attracting attention as you work your way up the size chart.

These are the primary styles worn by men today. Finding the type that expresses your personality can be an exciting experience. They can complement your overall style, dramatically improving your aesthetic approach. Most of all, feeling good is the best thing for your confidence.

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