Micro Solar: The Independent and Resilient Power Supply Solution

In an age where electricity is the lifeblood of modern society, ensuring a continuous and reliable power supply is of utmost importance. However, there are times when the conventional power grid fails to deliver electricity due to natural disasters, grid failures, or other unforeseen circumstances. This is where microsolar systems, in combination with microgrids, step in to provide an independent and resilient power supply that can save the day.

The Role of Microgrids

Microgrids are localized energy systems. And these systems can operate independently. They operate independently from the main power grid or seamlessly transition between grid-tied and island operating modes when necessary. This capability is crucial for maintaining power supply in situations where the main grid is either unavailable or has experienced an outage. Microgrids offer several key benefits:

Medium-Voltage Online Transition

Microgrids are equipped with the technology to transition between grid-tied and island operating modes seamlessly. This transition ensures that when the main grid goes out, there is no blackout loss, allowing the connected facilities to continue operating without interruption.

Off-Grid Resilience

Microgrids also provide off-grid multiple ride-through capabilities. This means that they can continue to supply power even when disconnected from the main grid, further reducing the risk of blackout loss during power outages.

Optimal Power Quality

Microgrids maintain optimal power quality, ensuring that connected facilities receive a stable and high-quality power supply. For grid-connected operations, the Total Harmonic Distortion (THDi) is kept below 1%. At the same time, in off-grid mode, the Total Harmonic Distortion in Voltage (THDu) remains below 1.5%, even with linear loads.

Efficient Energy Storage

Microgrids are equipped with an optimal PV (Photovoltaic) to BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) ratio of 2:1. This balance helps maximize energy storage and reduce the reliance on the main grid during periods of low solar energy generation. Doing so could reduce BESS configurations and PV capacity requirements by up to 50%.

Micro solar: Advanced Safety Features

Microgrids are not just about delivering power; they also prioritize safety and reliability through various advanced features:

Smart String-Level Disconnect

This feature enhances the safety of the PV (solar panel) system by allowing for individual string-level disconnection when necessary. It ensures that maintenance or repairs can be performed safely without disrupting the entire system.

Smart Connector Temperature Detection

To maintain the safety of the PV system, temperature detection technology is employed. This system actively monitors connector temperatures and can detect anomalies, reducing the risk of overheating and potential hazards.

Smart String ESS

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are essential components of microgrids. Smart String ESS technology optimizes the performance and safety of these systems, enhancing their overall efficiency and reliability.

Active Alarm and Quadruple Safety Protection

Microgrids are equipped with active alarm systems that promptly notify operators of any issues or anomalies. Additionally, they incorporate quadruple safety protection measures to ensure the safety and reliability of the entire system.


The micro solar, in conjunction with microgrids, offer a compelling solution for providing independent and resilient power supplies when the main grid is unavailable or compromised. With their ability to seamlessly transition between operating modes, maintain optimal power quality, and incorporate advanced safety features, microgrids play a crucial role in safeguarding critical infrastructure and ensuring uninterrupted power supply during emergencies. In a world where power outages are a significant concern, micro solar and microgrids pave the way for a more reliable and resilient energy future.

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