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Modern interior design features found in prestigious homes

Modern interior design features found in prestigious homes

One of the many advantages of purchasing a house and land package in Clyde North is having the ability to ‘start from scratch’ and really make your home your own, especially if it’s your first property. Even if you purchase a package where a house is already built, after years of being restricted in rental properties, you can finally put your own ‘stamp’ on things and showcase your personal taste.

Encompassing good interior design into your home gives you complete creative freedom. There are many different approaches homeowners can take to designing the inside of their homes. We take a look at some of the modern interior designs found in prestigious homes today. Also, to make the most out of the space available, you can choose movable walls. These are designed to be multifunctional, making it easier for you to maximise or minimise the space as and when you need to.”


Taking inspiration from the era of Minimalist art along with Japanese design of the late 60s, conservative delineation has remained a very popular choice in the years since. The idea is based around simplicity, and keeping spaces feeling natural and ‘pure’. Just like conservative fashion, the aesthetic is streamlined and fit for purpose. The design elements are efficient but remain stripped back and basic, you won’t find any bold patterns or bright colours with this choice.

Think stone, hidden storage, cool colour tones devoid of any interference or busyness – pure simplicity.


Contemporary and modern design are often words associated with each other and can be seen as umbrella terms for many different design approaches. Modern style is fundamentally inspired by a design trend from the 20th century. This was the beginning of the realisation that a house was more than just an entity – but an environment for people to immerse themselves in. Contemporary design, however, is not as constrained but is instead known to honour what is deemed ‘new’ at the time of creation.

The two terms do share some common ground, as both approaches endeavour to capture the technological and the material in a straightforward and structured way. Modern style adheres to sharper and stricter confines such as carefully articulated lines and functionality. With a contemporary design, you aren’t as limited to one particular style and have the freedom to incorporate more fluidity while ensuring the simplicity of the design remains throughout.


If you are interested in styling your house and land package in Clyde North in a classical way, traditional interior design may be the way to go. Honouring the comforts and opulence of 18th-century European style, traditional design remains very popular in prestigious homes. The idea behind traditional design is to put a new spin on old ideas and bring them to life.

Hushed and simple tones are offset by lavish dark wood furniture, detailed woodworks, mouldings. Extraordinary embellishment features throughout this design, making the space comfortable while exuding prestige and elegance.


Urban chic is becoming an increasingly popular interior design approach, if you like the look of lofts and warehouses, then this is the interior style for you. Industrial design is often sparked by the location or heritage of a building, and the desire to continue showcasing this history inside the home. Think bare finishes such as exposed brick, wood, steel and high ceilings, raw timber or even concrete flooring. The space looks hip and trendy but isn’t decorative, with furniture in the space being functional rather than fashionable and most artwork or backdrops will be monochromatic in their tone.

Beachside Living

With house and land packages in Clyde North not being far from water, we had to include coastal living in this list. If you’re excited by the look of poolside homes deep in the Hamptons, then a touch of beachside living to your interior design is a must!

Featuring white or cream walls offset by lots of natural light, this style is a step above just having some oceanic ornaments in your home. This design approach is reminiscent of everything associated with summer. With pale, untreated wood furniture and blue and white striped upholstery, this environment is light and breezy, just like the beach.

French Country

If you appreciate natural and rustic themes, French country may be a good interior design option for your home. Inspired by the French countryside, this style is favoured among those seeking elegance but in a more comfortable and understated way. Wood and natural stone flooring is offset by subtly patterned furniture in hushed tones. Furniture and decorative pieces are often distressed or whitewashed, again in keeping with the calm and casual atmosphere of this style.


A ‘Hippy-chic’ take on interior design, Bohemian style can be a popular choice if you have a large collection of eclectic furniture and items from travelling or frequenting flea markets. It became popular with those wanting to ‘mix and match’ and make a home as comfortable as possible in a low maintenance way.

Opting for this design approach for your house and land package in Clyde North means you don’t have to part with your treasures, in fact, you’ll actually have an even better space to showcase them all. This laid back method allows you to style your home in a carefree way, with no constraints. Vintage furniture and lights and an assortment of blankets, pillows and rugs are all regular features of Bohemian style. As long as you like it, it works.

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